Patients who are living with type 1 diabetes face a number of challenges in successfully managing their disease—and transitioning from a pediatric to a new adult doctor can be yet another obstacle. A variety of resources have been developed to help the care team prepare for and successfully manage this transition.

  • Provider Assessment of Patient Skill Set PDF: A checklist to help the pediatric care team begin a conversation with the patient about what they need to do to successfully manage their diabetes without parental supervision.
  • Patient Self-assessment of Worries, Concerns, and Burdens PDF: An assessment of relevant psycho-social, familial, and cognitive factors that the adult care team should be aware of when caring for their new patient.
  • Recommended Approach to Planning for Pediatric Practices: Pediatric practices with a guide for how to begin the transition process for patients with type 1 diabetes.
  • Clinical Summary PDF: A template for the pediatric care provider to summarize the patient’s medical record, which is then transferred to the adult care provider.
  • Recommended Approach to Receiving a New Patient: Receiving suggestions for the adult provider and includes information on how to begin the final phase of the transition.
  • Patient Fact Sheets: Links to fact sheets about issues faced by emerging adults with type 1 diabetes are included in this resource, which the care team can access to discuss with the patient.
  • "Welcome to the Practice" Guide: A tool for developing practice resources to be given to new patients with information on transportation, after-hours contact information, lab testing/results, etc.
  • Visitor Information Form PDF: A form for use by the emerging adult when first seeing their new provider to let them know who can be informed of personal health information or be allowed in the room during examination.