According to the Society's bylaws, our Council shall include eight elected Councilors and those members of the Society elected and serving as the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, three Vice Presidents, one for each of the following categories of members (physician-in-practice, basic scientist, and clinical scientist), and the immediate Past President of the Society. Of the eight elected Councilors there shall be a designated seat for each of the three following categories of members: physician-in-practice, basic scientist, and clinical scientist. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Society, the Secretary–Treasurer-Elect, when occurring, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be ex-officio, non-voting members of Council. The Chair of the committee designated by Council to handle trainee affairs shall be an ex-officio, voting member of Council. Council may, at its discretion, designate additional ex-officio members as needed to ensure that important membership perspectives are represented.