Ambassador Exchange Program

Globalization has had a significant impact on the practice of medicine. Many regions of the world now share the burdens of chronic, non-communicable diseases and their rising prevalence. The Society is a truly global organization and its third Strategic Plan (SP3) emphasizes its commitment to “the goal of improved human health worldwide.” Therefore, the Society believes that the time is right to mobilize and connect our members through a Society-based international exchange program.

The Ambassador Exchange program is an international exchange pilot program that will establish collaborative relationships between leading medical centers in the United States and international medical centers (IMC) serving indigent populations. A two-person team from each participating institution (an established endocrinologist and a trainee) will be appointed to serve as Ambassadors for their home institution and the Endocrine Society.

The Society’s main goal is to provide endocrinologists across all career stages and around the globe with opportunities to learn how national, ethnic, economic, and cultural factors shape endocrine care.

The specific program goals are to:

  • Establish international networks of medical centers as a vehicle for sharing best practices.
  • Increase the cultural competency of the current and future endocrine workforce.
  • Improve the health of under-served populations through clinician and patient education appropriate to local needs and cultures.

Interested in participating? Inquiries and comments should be emailed to