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Explore recent research and guidelines on factors impacting fertility, reproductive health, and aging in men including testosterone studies, sexual development, and osteoporosis.

Landmark Study Defines Normal Ranges for Testosterone Levels
January 10, 2017 | New defined reference range can help limit misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments. A large study of more than 9,000 men has established harmonized reference ranges for total testosterone in men that when applied to assays that have been appropriately calibrated will effectively enable…

Survey: Endocrinologists Want Training in Transgender Care
January 10, 2017 | Four out of five physicians who specialize in treating hormone health conditions have never received formal training on care for transgender individuals, according to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

Tri-Point: The Genetics and Epigenetics of Puberty
January 2017 | In 2005, the editors of Science, celebrating the journal’s 125th anniversary, posed 125 unanswered questions that it predicted would fuel active research…

Male Birth Control Shots Prevent Pregnancy
October 27, 2016 | Researchers call for further study to reduce risk of depression, side effects. Men can take birth control shots to prevent pregnancy in their female partners…

Men Get Osteoporosis, Too | New York Times
October 3, 2016 | Listen, men, this is important, important to your current and future health and perhaps your life. Osteoporosis is not just a woman’s disease. Men get it too…

Increasing Complexity and Challenges in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Hypogonadism
August 2016 | Fifty years ago, the diagnosis and treatment of male hypogonadism was limited mostly to younger men with diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPT) axis, such as Kallmann syndrome…

Ask the Experts: Glenn Cunningham Discusses Men’s Health Advances
June 2016 | As part of the ongoing Year of Endocrinology, the Endocrine Society has reached out to experts in various specialties to get their comments on the science…

Androgen Deficiency in Endocrine Practice: Improving Patient Outcomes through Screening and Treatment
ENDO Satellite Symposium | 2.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and ABIM MOC Part 2 points
Chair: Frances J. Hayes, MD
Faculty: Thomas Hugh Jones, MD; Andrea D. Coviello, MD; and Shehzad Basaria, MD
Learn about the role of testosterone in the pathogenesis of male hypogonadism, followed by a discussion on when and how to use new treatment formulations.

Partnership for the Accurate Testing of Hormones: Testosterone
Practice Resource | No credit available
Use PATH as your resource to know which assay to use and what the results mean when measuring testosterone.

What have we learned from randomized trials about the efficacy of testosterone therapy?
ENDO Session | No credit available
Chair: Shalender Bhasin, MD
Stay up to date on the outcomes of recent trials on testosterone therapy that include TTrials, TEAAM, and Lilly Testosterone Solution trials.

Men’s Health Digital Toolkit
Patient Resource | No credit available
Reviewer: Bradley D. Anawalt, MD
Interactive and downloadable resources and information for patients with questions related to women’s health including erectile dysfunction, fertility, and testosterone.

Genetic Variation of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Action is Associated with Age at Testicular Growth in Boys
JCEM | February 27, 2017
Alexander S. Busch, Casper P. Hagen, Katharina M. Main, Anita Pereira, Camila Corvalan, Kristian Almstrup, Veronica Mericq, and Anders Juul
Context: Although genetic factors play a pivotal role in male pubertal timing, genome-wide association…

Efficacy and Safety of an Injectable Combination Hormonal Contraceptive for Men
JCEM | October 27, 2016
Robert I. McLachlan, M. Cristina Meriggiola, Man Mohan Misro, Gabriela Noe, Frederick C. W. Wu, Mario Philip R. Festin, Ndema A. Habib, Kirsten M. Vogelsong, Marianne M. Callahan, Kim A. Linton, and Doug S. Colvard
Context: The development of a safe and effective reversible method of male contraception is still an unmet need. Objective: Evaluation of suppression of spermatogenesis and…

Effects of Testosterone Supplementation for 3 Years on Muscle Performance and Physical Function in Older Men
JCEM | October 18, 2016
Thomas W. Storer, Shehzad Basaria, Tinna Traustadottir, S. Mitchell Harman, Karol Pencina, Zhuoying Li, Thomas G. Travison, Renee Miciek, Panayiotis Tsitouras, Kathleen Hally, Grace Huang, and Shalender Bhasin
Testosterone levels decline with advancing age (1, 2) and have been associated with the age-related changes in lean body…

Characteristics of Men Who Report Persistent Sexual Symptoms after Finasteride Use for Hair Loss
JCEM | September 23, 2016
Shehzad Basaria, Ravi Jasuja, Grace Huang, Whitney Wharton, Hong Pan, Karol Pencina, Zhuoying Li, Thomas G. Travison, Jag Bhawan, Renaud Gonthier, Fernand Labrie, Alain Y. Dury, Carlo Serra, Allen Papazian, Michael O'Leary, Sami Amr, Thomas W. Storer, Emily Stern, and Shalender Bhasin
Context: Some men who use finasteride for hair loss report persistent sexual and other symptoms after discontinuing finasteride therapy. Objective: To determine whether these persistent…

Testosterone Treatment and Sexual Function in Older Men with Low Testosterone Levels
JCEM | June 29, 2016
Glenn R. Cunningham, Alisa J. Stephens-Shields, Raymond C. Rosen, Christina Wang, Shalender Bhasin, Alvin M. Matsumoto, J. Kellogg Parsons, Thomas M. Gill, Mark E. Molitch, John T. Farrar, David Cella, Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, Jane A. Cauley, Denise Cifelli, Jill P. Crandall, Kristine E. Ensrud, Laura Gallagher, Bret Zeldow, Cora E. Lewis, Marco Pahor, Ronald S. Swerdloff, Xiaoling Hou, Stephen Anton, Shehzad Basaria, Susan J. Diem, Vafa Tabatabaie, Susan S. Ellenberg and Peter J. Snyder
Context: The Testosterone Trials are a coordinated set of seven trials to determine the efficacy of T in symptomatic men ≥65 years old with unequivocally low T levels…

Effects of Testosterone and Estradiol Deficiency on Vasomotor Symptoms in Hypogonadal Men
JCEM | June 14, 2016
Alexander P. Taylor, Hang Lee, Matthew L. Webb, Hadine Joffe and Joel S. Finkelstein
Context: The hormonal basis of vasomotor symptoms (VMS) in hypogonadal men is incompletely understood. Objective: To determine the contributions of testosterone and estradiol deficiency to…

Low Testosterone: A Risk Marker Rather Than a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes
JCEM | June 10, 2016
Stine A. Holmboe, Tina K. Jensen, Allan Linneberg, Thomas Scheike, Betina H. Thuesen, Niels E. Skakkebaek, Anders Juul and Anna-Maria Andersson
Context: Low serum T levels have been associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and cardiovascular disease. However, it is unresolved whether low T is a risk factor…

Testicular Growth during Puberty in Boys with and Without a History of Congenital Cryptorchidism
JCEM | April 6, 2016
Sergey Sadov, Jaakko J. Koskenniemi, Helena E. Virtanen, Antti Perheentupa, Jørgen H. Petersen, Niels E. Skakkebaek, Katharina M. Main and Jorma Toppari
Context: The pattern of testicular growth during puberty may provide important information about early testicular damage and reproductive potential in adulthood. Objective: To evaluate pubertal…

Low Free Testosterone Is Associated with Hypogonadal Signs and Symptoms in Men with Normal Total Testosterone
JCEM | February 24, 2016
Leen Antonio, Frederick C. W. Wu, Terence W. O'Neill, Stephen R. Pye, Tomas B. Ahern, Michaël R. Laurent, Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi, Michael E. J. Lean, Brian G. Keevil, Giulia Rastrelli, Gianni Forti, György Bartfai, Felipe F. Casanueva, Krzysztof Kula, Margus Punab, Aleksander Giwercman, Frank Claessens, Brigitte Decallonne and Dirk Vanderschueren
Context: During aging, total testosterone (TT) declines and SHBG increases, resulting in a greater decrease in calculated free T (cFT). Currently, guidelines suggest using TT to diagnose…

Osteoporosis in Men
JCEM | July 2, 2013
Nelson B. Watts, Robert A. Adler, John P. Bilezikian, Matthew T. Drake, Richard Eastell, Eric S. Orwoll, and Joel S. Finkelstein
Osteoporosis in men causes significant morbidity and mortality. We recommend testing higher risk men [aged ≥70 and men aged 50–69 who have risk factors…

Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons
JCEM | April 30, 2011
Wylie C. Hembree, Peggy Cohen-Kettenis, Henriette A. Delemarre-van de Waal, Louis J. Gooren, Walter J. Meyer, III, Norman P. Spack, Vin Tangpricha, and Victor M. Montori
Transsexual persons seeking to develop the physical characteristics of the desired gender require a safe, effective hormone regimen that will 1) suppress endogenous hormone secretion…

Testosterone Therapy in Men with Androgen Deficiency Syndromes
JCEM | April 30, 2011
Shalender Bhasin, Glenn R. Cunningham, Frances J. Hayes, Alvin M. Matsumoto, Peter J. Snyder, Ronald S. Swerdloff, and Victor M. Montori
We recommend making a diagnosis of androgen deficiency only in men with consistent symptoms and signs and unequivocally low serum testosterone levels. We suggest the measurement…

Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis and Diabetes and Obesity
Dates: March 19 - 23, 2017
Location: Tahoe City, California, United States
Sponsor: Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology

Frontiers in Reproduction
Dates: April 26 - June 17, 2017
Sponsor: Marine Biological Laboratory - The University of Chicago
Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts , United States

Society for the Study of Reproduction 2017 Annual Meeting
Dates: July 13 - 16, 2017
Location: Washington, DC, United States
Sponsor: Society for the Study of Reproduction

2017 American Society for Reproductive Medicine Congress and Expo
Dates: October 28 - November 1, 2017
Location: Washington, DC, United States
Sponsor: American Society for Reproductive Medicine

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