Join the Endocrine Society and Hormone Health Network for a Twitter Chat for Tips on Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

Join us on Tuesday, November 24 from 3-4:00 PM EDT for a Twitter chat on how to manage diabetes throughout the Holiday Season. The Twitter chat will highlight resources that can help you and your loved ones best prepare for the Holiday season while managing blood sugar effectively and tips on how you and your family can stay active. 

Moderated by Robert Lash, MD, the chair of Clinical Affairs Core Committee. Join the conversation and get any questions you may have answered by following #EndoChat.

The following questions will be addressed:

  1. How can a family best prepare for the Holidays while managing diabetes? #EndoChat
  2. How can a person navigate through the holiday food temptations? #EndoChat
  3. How can a person with diabetes manage their blood sugar effectively during the Holiday Season? #EndoChat
  4. How can a person with diabetes and their loved ones stay active during the Holidays? #EndoChat
  5. What resources are available to help those with diabetes and their loved ones? #EndoChat

Questions? Please contact Danielle Whalen at