Ethics and Society Documents

The Endocrine Society is guided by a series of governing documents that establish the work of the society, support how our mission is achieved, and ensure transparency to our members.

Conflict/Duality of Interest Policy

The Endocrine Society depends on member leader participation in all its primary missions and at the highest levels of its governance. Member leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to the Society, which includes a duty to promote the overall health of and to minimize the risks to the Society and its stakeholders. Given that member leaders are expected to have various extra-Societal relationships—some of which may directly or indirectly impact Society interests—any actual or potential conflicts/dualities of interest (C/DOI) must be identified and managed as appropriate. In June 2023, the Endocrine Society’s Board of Directors adopted a new Conflict/Duality of Interest Policy for Member Leadership. All inquiries or comments can be directed to the Ethics and Professionalism Committee at [email protected]

Other Policies:

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Who We Are

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