Response and Investigation

Endocrine Society Policy: Meeting Code of Conduct

APPENDIX 1: Society Response and Investigation of Meeting Code of Conduct Complaint

All complaints as outlined in the Society’s Meeting Code of Conduct, will be treated seriously and responded to promptly in a confidential manner. This process outlines the steps that Society staff should follow upon receipt of a complaint.

  1. If physical injury is evident, notify the venue security, ES security staff, and Chief Program Officer. The venue emergency procedures will be followed for medical care with ES security staff serving as a bridge between venue security and police authorities if needed. ES security staff will obtain information on the victim’s identity, emergency hospital name and location, if utilized. The ES security staff will update the Chief Program Officer.
  2. If no physical injury is evident, ask the person filing the complaint if they need medical assistance or wish to call law enforcement. If yes, staff will contact venue security who will contact local law enforcement and ES security staff.
  3. If no medical or law enforcement assistance is needed, move the person to a quiet area and ask them to complete and sign the Harassment Complaint Form. The form should also be signed by the staff member who received the form.
  4. The Chief Program Officer who will notify the CEO, Chief Human Resource and Talent Management Officer and Chief Financial Officer.
  5. If witnesses are available ask them to complete the Harassment Witness Form.

Upon receipt of the completed Harassment Complaint Form, the Society Chief shall:

  1. In all circumstances, remain non-judgmental and keep any opinions to yourself, and to record all discussion in the incident report. Keep the information confidential at this point.
  2. Ensure that the Harassment Complaint Form is complete, with contact phone numbers, and detailed description of the harassment.
  3. The person(s) reporting improper behavior may request that their identity not be disclosed in connection with an investigation and disciplinary action, and the Society will respect such requests. However, the complainant will be told that this may inhibit complete investigation of the complaint.
  4. Determine if the person filing the complaint needs an escort leaving the venue; if yes, ES security staff will escort them to their hotel.
  5. If available, review the form(s) completed by witnesses to ensure the form is complete.
  6. The CEO will notify the Society Secretary-Treasurer of the complaint.
  7. Arrange a private meeting to discuss the matter with the alleged offender. The Society Secretary-Treasurer (or designee) should be present at this meeting in addition to at least one of the following – CEO, Chief Program Officer, Chief Human Resources and Talent Management Officer or Chief Financial Officer.
  8. After advising of the complaint, ask the alleged offender to respond by completing the Harassment Form: Respondent.
  9. Upon review of the completed forms of the parties involved, the CEO and Secretary-Treasurer (or designee) will determine if immediate action (e.g., leaving the event) is required.
  10. If not egregious or time sensitive, the CEO and Secretary-Treasurer may defer a decision to allow for additional review.
  11. The alleged offender should be given a reasonable chance to respond to the evidence of the person filing the complaint and to bring his or her own evidence.
  12. If the facts are in dispute, further investigatory steps may include the Society engaging an investigator and/or interviewing those named as witnesses.
  13. When the investigation is complete, the findings will be reported by the CEO to the President and Executive Committee along with a recommendation for further action, if any.
  14. In the event the complainant or the responder is dissatisfied with the result of the investigation, he or she may appeal to the President of the Society who may present to Council for final decision.
  15. Complaints made after the event will follow the procedures outlined above starting with the completion of the Harassment Complaint Form and will be investigated after the fact following the procedures outlined above.
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