An initiative to improve the lives of patients with endocrine diseases around the world

EndoCares brings together many of the Society’s most recent strategic initiatives: addressing health disparities, serving as a global partner and champion of the field, fostering the next generation of endocrinologists, and celebrating our Centennial.

Through EndoCares, participants will learn skills to help them thrive, manage their diabetes, and have shared experiences with other patients. EndoCares will also enable Society members from around the world to engage in peer-to-peer learning experiences that result in enhanced understanding of treating diabetes patients and building bridges between medical global professionals.

EndoCares Debuts in Peru

In August 2016, the Society launched EndoCares: Diabetes in Lima, Peru. This two-day program — achieved through strategic partnerships with three local organizations: Sociedad Peruana de Endocrinologia, Asociación de Diabetes del Peru, and Liga Peruana de Lucha Contra la Diabetes — included a session to educate healthcare providers on diabetes care, a one-day congress for patients with type 2 diabetes, and a one-day type 1 diabetes-focused workshop for patients with type 1 diabetes.

Society members Agustin Busta, MD, Lisa Fish, MD, and Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, led the provider-focused session during the Peruvian Society for Endocrinology’s Annual Meeting on Saturday August 6, 2016. On Sunday, the two simultaneous one-day, patient-focused sessions took place. Together, EndoCares: Diabetes reached +1,000 healthcare providers, approximately 500 patients with T2DM and 100 patients with T1DM, and key government officials in charge of healthcare policy.

Fish and other experts engaged with healthcare providers in the community and educated them on the latest advancements in diabetes care. Patients and their families who attended the EndoCares events learned about the rights of patients, how to make the most of their appointment with their healthcare provider, and how to develop effective teamwork with their caregiver.

EndoCares Peru 2016
In August 2016, the Endocrine Society launched EndoCares: Diabetes in Lima, Peru. From left to right: Gary Hammer, MD, PhD, Barbara Byrd Keenan, FASAE, CAE, Helard Manrique, MD, Lisa Fish, MD, Larry Fox, MD, Lucia Tejada, PhD, Rafael Chucos, NP

How to Get Involved

  • As a volunteer. Staff one of our international camp partners.
  • As an educator. Help develop a volunteer training and education program for health care professionals.
  • As a member sponsor. Support the participation of endocrine fellows as camp volunteers through a donation to the EndoCares Fund.

Please direct all inquiries to Lucia Tejada, PhD, Associate Director, Science and Strategic Directives.