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New Frontiers in Basic Science Returns This October!

We are excited to announce the theme for our next installment of New Frontiers in Basic Science: Applying New Technology to Endocrine Research, set to take place this fall. This year's theme will focus on the topic conducting research at the interface between endocrinology and aging

Endocrine scientists make unique contributions to our fundamental understanding of the aging process and also how aging influences the development of endocrine-related diseases. Join us for a two-day program featuring keynote discussions and short presentations from trainee and early career members who conduct research that explores the connections between hormone science and aging. Additional details about the event as well as registration information will be available soon. 

Hear how your peers are applying new technology to their research

Join open discussion forums
Learn new methods for approaching research in your lab.

Call for Abstracts

As we look to build the most comprehensive program possible, we are asking investigators, including trainees and those at the early stages of their career, who conduct research at the interface between endocrinology and aging to submit their science to be presented at our event this October.

Some examples of interesting content areas that will be considered include:

  • How does circadian clock disruption influence the aging process?
  • How are researchers using new techniques to study reproductive aging and menopause?
  • How are endocrine scientists using new tools and techniques to understand the fundamental biology of aging?
  • How can new techniques shed light on the role of epigenetics and aging in endocrine cancer?
  • How does endocrine science help advance new therapies and technologies to address healthy aging?

This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome abstracts in related areas! For questions, please contact Hannah Andrews at [email protected]

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