NIH Funding Social Media Toolkit

September 13, 2023

Members of Congress maintain social media accounts, particularly on X (formerly known as Twitter), to share information with their constituents, promote their issues, and follow trends. You can make a major impact with only a minute of your time by supporting our advocacy efforts on social media. If you are not already on X, follow these easy steps to set up an account. 

All of our messages are formatted for X, but you are also encouraged to share them on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and LinkedIn. 

  • Copy our suggested messages and tag your representatives using their social media handles to take action. Make an impact by including images to enhance your posts. 
  • Retweet the @TheEndoSociety posts and tag your representatives using their social media handles to broaden our reach. 
  • Add context by sharing how your research needs support. Mention @TheEndoSociety for other participants to be notified about resharing your messages. 
  • Share our NIH Funding images (see below) with your representatives and tag us in your posts.

General Messaging: 

Protect funding for #NIH in FY2024, @Senator/Representative Handle | Adequate NIH funding is critical to the nation's health and economy. #CutsHurt #FundNIH #FundHealth @TheEndoSociety

I urge @Senator/Representative to pass a full year funding bill that will maintain @NIH paylines and protect early-stage investigators and trainees, and avoid delays and disruption to medical research #FundHealth #CutsHurt #NIH @TheEndoSociety 

#Research leads to cures, better treatment options, and disease prevention. Congress must protect this funding to protect the nation's health, economy, & national security #CutsHurt #FundNIH #FundHealth  @TheEndoSociety @Senator/Representative Handle



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