Our Goal

To improve policies that affect endocrine scientists and the conduct of research.

Why We Care

Endocrine researchers study complex biological systems and hormonal pathways that affect all parts of the human body with implications for numerous diseases and conditions.  The Endocrine Society works with the federal government, research funding agencies, and regulatory bodies to advance progress in biomedical research and the ensure that the latest findings from endocrine scientists are incorporated into research strategic plans.

Take Action

The Endocrine Society is urging Congress to provide $41.1 billion for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in fiscal year (FY) 2020, an increase of $2 billion over FY 2019. While there is bipartisan support for NIH, to achieve increased funding the Congress must first reach agreement on raising current statutory spending caps or we will see dramatic cuts in total federal spending starting in FY 2020.

Join our campaign and tell your member of Congress why raising the caps and providing robust, sustained, and timely funding for NIH is so important!

Position Statements

At the Endocrine Society, we are concerned about a number of critical policy issues. Our goals are to ensure that the full body of research available is available to policy makers and to affect positive change by advocating for increased research and updated regulatory processes. To learn and read about all of our position statements, please visit our page here


Progress and New National Institutes of Health Policies

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Health Disparities in Endocrine Disorder: Biological, Clinical, and Nonclinical Factors 

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