Zeynep Madak-Erdogan, PhD

May 26, 2021

Zeynep Madak-Erdogan, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Nutrition and the Director of Women’s Health, Hormones and Metabolism lab at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. She received her B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bilkent University in 2002. After completing her PhD and Postdoctoral studies on Mechanisms of Estrogen Receptor Action, she joined Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at UIUC, in 2014.  Her lab uses various animal and 3D-reengineered models, and advanced statistical and computational analysis to understand how nutrients, environmental toxicant exposures, and hormones impact metabolic health and hormone-dependent cancer outcomes. In addition to mentoring several undergraduate and graduate students, she has taught courses in the areas of Cancer Metabolism, Toxicology, Diet, Nutrition and Cancer, and Nutrition and Women’s health. She has received several awards including NIEHS, Pre- and Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Endocrine Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Fellowship, National Center for Supercomputing Applications Fellow, Women in Endocrinology Young Investigator Award from Endocrine Society and Mary Swartz Rose Young investigator Award and Bioserv Experimental Nutrition Award from American Society of Nutrition.

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