Antonio Ribeiro-Oliveira Jr, MD, PhD

May 26, 2021

Antonio Ribeiro-Oliveira Jr, MD, PhD, is an endocrinologist with over 25 years of experience in clinical care and clinical research, Brazilian board certified in both Internal Medicine and Endocrinology & Metabolism. As a graduate student, I ran a project in basic endocrinology and received a PhD. My post doc was at Queen Mary University of London/UK, where I was trained in translational endocrinology, mainly by running a proteomics project. I was then awarded a Novartis prize in Boston/USA for my research. 

I joined the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil), a distinguished university by QS ranking, over 20 years ago as an Assistant Professor and reached the position of Full Professor of Medicine. In 2009, I was granted a Fulbright scholarship to do research on growth disorders at the University of Michigan/USA. 

As a professor, I participated as a PI in industry clinical trials (all phases), including studies involving compassionate use. I coordinated a multi-national study with Pfizer for the validation of a questionnaire and took a leadership role in managing the grant with the global Pfizer team as well as overseeing participating sites. 

My skills in research culminated with an award recognition from the Brazilian Agency for Research Funding (CNPq). My overall research experience has been translated into over 100 full indexed publications (h-index = 19, as of 2020), and I also edited a book for endocrinologists. Several of those publications were written in collaboration with industry, and I was also invited to advise on market issues as a KOL for Pfizer product reimbursement. I served as a program director for students and fellows and my excellence in leadership was reflected by awards received through student recommendations as well as successful supervision of over 45 fellows in endocrinology, 35 students in Master and PhD degrees, and 15 physicians on a Public Health program. 

Due to my dynamic and motivated leadership, alongside strong communication skills, I was able to motivate and train team participants to reach successful goals, including the field force from Novartis. I lectured at both national and international meetings and participated in steering committees and advisory boards for product market position and product life cycle management with companies. I contributed with the development of medical information for companies, participated to the development of continuous medical education programs sponsored by Novartis, and successfully organized 8 regional and 6 international conferences in partnership with industry. 

In addition, I was an ad-hoc advisor for the Brazilian regulatory agency regarding approval and labeling of compounds. I am fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages, and have developed strong worldwide working connections in endocrinology. 

To expand my education further, I took industry university certificate courses covering the most important regulatory aspects related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as other courses that enabled myself to successfully pass in the board certification of medical affairs in the US. At Ipsen, I have worked with different global products in a medical affairs’ global cross functional role, and specifically supported the US business. Briefly, in this position, I have provided review to the affiliates on ISSs, provided medical expertise to market, HEOR, GRA and safety departments, tracked and dispatched relevant publications in cooperation with global publication team, developed/maintained relationships with experts in line with medical strategies, contributed to the launch plan of products globally, answered to all medical inquiries, created and validated medical educational materials, organized symposia, developed synopses and designed protocols in collaboration with medical writer, provided support for centers selection, ensured due diligence for product opportunities with business development, reviewed compassionate drug releases indications, organized ad-boards and generated real world evidence for publication. Recently, I have successfully passed a MIT course to further enhance my knowledge in strategic drug and medical device development.

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