CEU Anaheim 2018 - Program


Day 1 – Friday, October 19

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Time Session
7:45–7:55 AM Welcome and Introduction
Janet A. Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM

Treatment Goals in Osteoporosis: Is No Fracture the Only Marker of Success
E. Michael Lewiecki, MD, FACP, FACE

8:25–8:55 AM Update on the Management of Renal Bone Disease
Robert A. Wermers, MD
8:55–9:25 AM Osteoporosis: Answers to Patients' Questions
Ann E. Kearns, MD, PhD
9:25–9:55 AM Hypophosphatemic Disorders and their Management
Suzanne M. Jan de Beur, MD
9:55–10:10 AM Q&A/Panel Discussion
10:10–10:25 AM Break/Exhibits
10:25–10:55 AM Management of the Patient Before and After Bariatric Surgery
Christopher D Still, DO, FACN, FACP, FTOS
10:55–11:25 AM Pharmacotherapy for Obesity
Marc-Andre Cornier, MD
11:25–11:55 AM Using New and Emerging Therapies in Managing Hypercholesterolemia 
Alan Chait, MD
11:55 AM–12:10 PM Q&A/Panel Discussion
12:10–1:25 PM Lunch/Exhibits
12:10–1:00 PM Special Presentation
Pens, Pumps and Beyond: A Roundtable Discussion on Advances in Diabetes Technology
1:25–2:10 PM Meet-the-Professor (MTP) Sessions, Round 1
2:10–2:25 PM Break/Exhibits
2:25–2:55 PM Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Alternatives
Margaret E Wierman, MD
2:55–3:25 PM Case-Based Debate of Whether to Start Testosterone Therapy and How to Monitor
Debaters:: Moderator: Bradley Anawalt, MD
3:25–3:45 PM Q&A/Panel Discussion
3:45–4:00 PM Break/Exhibits
4:00–4:30 PM Hyperandrogenic Anovulation: PCOS and Tumors
Margaret E Wierman, MD
4:30–5:00 PM Obesity Related Low Testosterone
Shehzad Basaria, MD, MBBS
5:00–5:15 PM Q&A/Panel Discussion
5:15–5:20 PM Break/Exhibits
5:20–6:05 PM MTP Sessions, Round 2
6:05–6:10 PM Closing


Day 2 – Saturday, October 20

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Time Session
7:45–7:55 AM Welcome and Introduction
Janet A. Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM Diabetes and Heart Failure: Impact of New Medication
Biykem Bozkurt, MD PhD
8:25–8:55 AM What’s New in Continuous Glucose Monitoring?
Anders Carlson, MD
8:55–9:40 AM Renal Outcomes and New Diabetes Medications
Mark E Molitch, MD
9:40–9:55 AM Q&A/Panel Discussion
9:55–10:10 AM Break/Exhibits
10:10–10:40 AM What Next After Basal Insulin
Carol Wysham, MD
10:40–11:10 AM Diabete$: Patient$, Doctor$, Insurer$, Manufacturer$, and $ociety
Alvin C. Powers, MD
11:10–11:40 AM Pros and Cons with Non-Insulin Therapies in Gestational Diabetes
Donald R. Coustan, MD
11:40–11:55 AM Q&A/Panel Discussion
11:55 AM–1:10 PM Lunch/Exhibits
1:10–1:55 PM MTP Sessions, Round 1
1:55–2:05 PM Break/Exhibits
2:05–2:35 PM Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Diagnosis and Treatment
Richard Auchus, MD, PhD
2:35–3:05 PM Adrenal Fatigue and Failure: Fantasy and Facts
James Findling, MD, FACP
3:05–3:35 PM Master Clinician: Adrenal Cases
Debaters: Moderator: Janet A. Schlechte, MD
3:35–3:55 PM  Q&A/Panel Discussion
3:55–4:15 PM Break
4:15-5:00 PM MTP Sessions, Round 2
5:00 PM Adjourn


Day 3 – Sunday, October 21

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Time Session
7:45–7:55 AM Welcome and Introduction
Janet A. Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM Medical Treatment of Acromegaly: A Stepwise Approach
Shlomo Melmed, MD
8:25–8:55 AM Treatment of Cushing Disease when Surgery Fails: Individualized Case-based Approach
James Findling, MD, FACP
8:55–9:25 AM Treatment with Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 and Anti-CTLA-4 Drugs: Endocrine Side Effects
Laurence Katznelson, MD
9:25–9:40 AM Q&A/Panel Discussion
9:40–9:55 AM Break
9:55–10:40 AM MTP Sessions, Round 1
10:40–10:50 AM Break
10:50–11:20 AM  Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinomas
Megan R. Haymart, MD
11:20–11:50 AM Subclinical Thyroid Disorders
Kristien Boelaert, MD, PhD, MRCP
11:50 AM–12:05 PM Q&A/Panel Discussion
12:05–1:20 PM Lunch/Exhibits
1:20–2:05 PM MTP Sessions, Round 2
2:10–2:40 PM Overview of Thyroid Nodules
Kevin T. Brumund, MD, FACS
2:40–3:10 PM Challenging Thyroid Cases with Faculty
Kristien Boelaert, MD, PhD, MRCP
Megan R. Haymart, MD
Kevin T. Brumund, MD, FACS
3:10–3:25 PM Q&A/Panel Discussion
3:25–3:30 PM Closing
Janet A. Schlechte, MD

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