Mobile App

The Endocrine Society Events App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Google Play

Apple App Store

Features include:

  • Interactive meeting program and course schedules
  • Speaker information
  • Session slides
  • Exhibitor listings
  • Social media interactions
  • Meeting alerts

If you have any difficulties installing or using the App, please email for assistance.

Using the App

The Endocrine Society Events contains three featured events. After opening the App you will be asked to select your meeting, simply swipe left and right to view available meetings.

Login to the App

After selecting, and opening, your meeting you will be given the opportunity to log in (1). Logging in opens up all functionality of the app including the ability to make connections, bookmark sessions, add notes, and view handouts.

Mobile App Login example

Please use your Endocrine Society account to log in, if you have forgotten your password please visit this page to reset it.

Mobile App Participate and Handouts

Accessing Session Slides

  1. Navigate to the session. (2,3)
  2. Scroll to section titled “Handouts.”
  3. Click the arrow/download icon to view the slides or click the envelope icon to send via email. (6)

Participate in a Poll

  1. Navigate to the session. (2,3)
  2. Click on “Participate/Evaluate.” (4)
  3. When prompted by the session speaker, a poll will appear on your mobile device.

Submit a Question to a Speaker

  1. Navigate to the session. (2,3)
  2. Click on “Ask a Question.” (5)
  3. Type your question in the space provided.