Daily Program

Endocrine Board Review

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DAY 1 – Saturday, September 23, 2017

6:45–7:45 AM Registration/Continental Breakfast
7:45–7:55 AM Welcome and Introduction to the 69th Annual Clinical Endocrinology Update
Janet Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Role/Timing of Anabolic Therapies
Michael McClung, MD
8:25–8:55 AM The Risk of Atypical Femur Fractures and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Bo Abrahamsen, MD, PhD
8:55–9:25 AM Managing a Patient Who Fractures on Osteoporosis Treatment
Robert Wermers, MD
9:25–9:55 AM Hypoparathyroidism: Guidelines and New Treatments
Natalie Cusano, MD
9:55–10:10 AM Panel Discussion
10:10–10:20 AM BREAK
10:20–10:50 AM Assessment of the Patient with Obesity
Robert Kushner, MD
10:50–1120 AM What Have We Learned from the Look AHEAD Trial?
Donna Ryan, MD
11:20–11:50 AM Key Controversies in Lipidology
Ira Goldberg, MD
11:50 AM–12:05 PM Panel Discussion
12:05–1:20 PM LUNCH
1:20–2:05 PM Meet-the-Professor (MTP) Sessions

1. Fractures in Diabetes: Risk Factors, Assessment, and Clinical Recommendations
Bo Abrahamsen, MD, PhD

2. Bones and Stones After Bariatric Surgery
Naim Maalouf, MD

3. Commercial Weight Loss Programs and Phone Apps
Donna Ryan, MD

4. Behavioral Considerations in the Evaluation and Treatment of the Patient with Obesity
Patrick O'Neil, PhD

5. Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Female (1:20–2:05 PM only): Andrea Dunaif, MD
    Male (5:30–6:15 PM only): Robert McLachlan, MD, PhD

6. Challenging Male Hypogonadism Cases
Frances Hayes, MD
2:15–2:45 PM

Update on Female Contraception
Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD

2:45–3:15 PM PCOS Through the Lifespan
Andrea Dunaif, MD
3:15–3:45 PM Gender Dysphoria/Gender Incongruence: An Update on the Endocrine Society’s New Clinical Practice Guideline
Joshua Safer, MD
3:45–4:00 PM Panel Discussion
4:00–4:10 PM BREAK
4:10–4:40 PM Treatment of Male Hypogonadism without Testosterone
Bradley Anawalt, MD
4:40–5:10 PM Male Infertility—What the Endocrinologist Needs to Know
Robert McLachlan, MD, PhD
5:10–5:25 PM Panel Discussion
5:25–5:35 PM
5:35–6:20 PM MTP Sessions Repeat
6:20 PM Adjourn

DAY 2 – Sunday, September 24, 2017

7:15–7:45 AM Continental Breakfast
7:45–7:55 AM Introduction
Janet Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM Management of Diabetes in Patients with ESRD and CKD: Therapeutic Options and Considerations
David Baldwin, Jr., MD
8:25–8:55 AM Practical Approach to Diagnosing and Treating MODY
Louis Philipson, MD, PhD
8:55–9:25 AM

Early Combination Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes
Janet McGill, MD

9:25–9:40 AM Panel Discussion
9:40–9:55 AM BREAK
9:55–10:25 AM Prevention and Management of Severe Hypoglycemia and Hypoglycemia Unawareness: Incorporating Sensor Technology
Anders Carlson, MD
10:25–10:55 AM Combining Basal Insulin and Non-Insulin Agents in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Carol Wysham, MD
10:55–11:40 AM

Debate: What's Next After Metformin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease?
Carol Wysham, MD
Willy Valencia, MD, MSc

11:40–11:55 AM Panel Discussion
11:55 AM–1:10 PM LUNCH
11:55 AM–1:05 PM

Ancillary Symposium: Prandial Insulin Updates for the Diabetes Specialist*
*No registration required

1:10–1:55 PM Meet-the-Professor (MTP) Sessions

7. Diabetes Treatment in the Elderly
Willy Valencia, MD, MSc

8. Progress Toward Closed Loop Insulin Delivery
Steven Russell, MD, PhD

9. Practical Management of Pregestational Diabetes in Pregnancy
Florence Brown, MD

10. Pharmacotherapy of Obesity
Louis Aronne, MD

11. Growth Hormone Treatment in Adults: Diagnosis and Monitoring
Shlomo Melmed, MD

12. Management of Diabetes Insipidus (1:10–1:55 PM only)
      Management of SIADH (4:35–5:20 PM only)

Joseph Verbalis, MD
1:55–2:05 PM BREAK
2:05–2:50 PM Controversies in the Diagnosis and Management of Acromegaly
Shlomo Melmed, MD
Laurence Katznelson, MD
Mark Molitch, MD
2:50–3:20 PM Prolactinomas are Sometimes Harder to Treat
Mark Molitch, MD
3:20–4:05 PM Controversies in the Diagnosis and Management of Cushing Syndrome
Lynnette Nieman, MD
Laurence Katznelson, MD
James Findling, MD
4:05–4:20 PM Panel Discussion
4:30–5:15 PM MTP Sessions Repeat
5:15 PM Adjourn

DAY 3 – Monday, September 25, 2017

Ancillary Symposium: Quality Payment Program Year 2: Positioning Your Practice for Success*
*No registration required
7:15–7:45 AM Continental Breakfast
7:45–7:55 AM Introduction
Janet Schlechte, MD
7:55–8:25 AM What's New in Primary Aldosteronism?
William F. Young, Jr., MD, MSc
8:25–8:55 AM Adrenal Fatigue Is Not Adrenal Insufficiency
Lynnette Nieman, MD
8:55–9:25 AM Neuroendocrine Imaging
Richard Auchus, MD, PhD
9:25–9:40 AM Panel Discussion
9:55–10:40 AM Meet-the-Professor (MTP) Sessions

13. Glucocorticoid Replacement Therapy
James Findling, MD

14. Endocrine Hypertension
William F. Young, Jr., MD, MSc

15. Thyroid Nodules: Diagnosis and Management
Susan Mandel, MD, MPH

16. Thyrotoxicosis: Different Treatment Options
David Cooper, MD
10:50–11:20 AM Molecular Markers for Thyroid Nodules and Cancer: Implications on Surgical Management and Follow-Up
Electron Kebebew, MD
11:20–11:50 AM Subclinical Thyroid Disorders: Indications for Treatment
Anne Cappola, MD, ScM
11:50 AM–12:05 PM Panel Discussion
Trulicity (dulaglutide) Product Theater*
*Registration is free. Visit the registration desk to add this to your schedule.
1:20–2:05 PM MTP Sessions Repeat
2:10–2:40 PM Thyroid Disorders During Pregnancy
Susan Mandel, MD, MPH
2:40–3:10 PM Combination T4/T3 Therapy in Hypothyroidism
Douglas Ross, MD
3:10–3:25 PM Panel Discussion
3:25–3:30 PM Closing and Adjournment
Janet Schlechte, MD

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