Bo Abrahamsen, MD, PhD is a consultant endocrinologist at Hospital Gentofte, Copenhagen, professor of clinical database studies at the University of Southern Denmark, and President of the Danish Bone Society. He attended medical school at Odense University, Denmark, and the BSc Honours course in experimental pathology at St. Andrews, qualifying as a physician in 1990. He did the clinical work for his PhD at Odense University Hospital and the laboratory work with Sandy C. Marks, Jr. at UMASS Medical School, Worcester, MA in 1995. Dr. Abrahamsen was appointed consultant endocrinologist in 2005 and professor in 2009. His main research interests are absolute fracture risk, fracture epidemiology, rational targeting of anti-osteoporotic therapy, adherence to therapy and not least safety of anti-osteoporotic drugs and supplements. Other research interests include the RANKL/OPG system, osteoporosis genetics, gene-environment interaction, male osteoporosis and personalized osteoporosis therapy. Dr Abrahamsen served on the ASBMR task force on atypical subtrochanteric fractures and is on the editorial board for JBMR. He was awarded the 2011 ECTS/ASBMR clinical debate Golden Femur award. Dr Abrahamsen was the lead researcher for the DIPART vitamin D collaborative study and responsible for establishing a national osteodensitometry database on behalf of the Danish Bone Society and for register-based research under the auspices of the Odense Patient Exploratory Network (OPEN).