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Atypical Diabetes: Ketosis Prone, LADA, MODY, and Pancreatogenic

July 21, 2020

Session Description: "Atypical" forms of diabetes need to be recognized and diagnosed because the underlying mechanisms differ from "usual" type 2 diabetes, and management must be tailored to the underlying diabetes type in order to achieve glycemic control safely and effectively. Cases will be presented and discussed in this session to highlight potential pitfalls in diagnosis, and important pearls for management.

Faculty: Janet B. McGill, MD
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Learning Objectives:

  1. Utilize a framework to determine in which patients to suspect atypical forms of diabetes.
  2. Select patients for genetic testing and targeted use of anti-hyperglycemic agents.
  3. Recommend glycemic management strategies tailored towards the type of atypical diabetes.

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