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Inpatient Diabetes Management

July 21, 2020

Session Description: Inpatient management of hyperglycemia occurs in a complex system with numerous factors contributing to glycemic variability and errors, including the patient's degree of insulin resistance and pancreatic insulin production, the underlying illness for which the patient is hospitalized, acute factors such as kidney injury, nutritional status, required procedures, the essential roles for collaboration and coordination with other hospital teams and services, and the challenges of designing the best discharge regimen. This session will use cases to highlight important points in the management of diabetes and hyperglycemia in the hospital setting.

Faculty: Rita R. Kalyani, MD, MHS
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline key information from the most recent available data for hyperglycemic emergencies.
  2. Propose practical strategies for initial and ongoing anti-hyperglycemia management for specific situations in the inpatient setting, such as high dose glucocorticoid use, transitioning off intravenous insulin infusion, and enteral and parenteral nutrition.
  3. Discuss approaches to addressing diabetes technology use in hospitalized patients on insulin pumps and/or hybrid-closed-loop systems.

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