Welcome to the Endocrine Society's Corporate Liaison Board. This is a dynamic community of senior executives working on the leading edge of endocrinology in companies focused on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic technology, research and more. Our mission is to build a path to the future by providing a fertile environment for collaboration and fostering the sharing of ideas and information. The goal is to create a robust dialogue that advances the field of endocrinology by forging connections between academia, clinical practice, industry, research, government, regulatory bodies, and patients.

CLB members are leaders in their fields. They are defined by their commitment to excellence, dedication to the highest standards of performance, and investment, both capital and intellectual, in the future of endocrinology. Membership is limited to a select group who demonstrate dedication to the shared ideals of the Endocrine Society and a genuine interest in furthering the field of endocrinology.

The benefits of CLB membership are both tangible and intangible. Those who reap the greatest benefits are those who are our most active participants. One-on-one monthly telephone consultations with senior Endocrine Society leaders, quarterly CLB meetings, and exclusive networking events are among the opportunities for CLB members to have a voice in shaping the Endocrine Society's global footprint and gain early insight into the trends and breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow’s business landscape.

I encourage you to be a highly engaged member of the CLB. We are eager to learn from and with you about the many factors that will influence our field today and in the future.

Meeghan De Cagna
Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer
The Endocrine Society