What is CMES?

Continuing Medical Education Services (CMES) refers to The Endocrine Society’s branded CME products and services. For over 18 years, CMES has delivered outstanding quality through instant credibility with The Endocrine Society name, unparalleled scientific expertise, and customized, turn-key program management. There’s no better way to reach the thought leaders of endocrinology than to partner with CMES. Each program is grounded in scientific excellence to meet your business objectives and remains in compliance with ACCME and AMA guidelines.

Where are CMES Symposia held?

CMES Symposia are held in conjunction with ENDO, The Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting and in conjunction with CEU, Clinical Endocrinology Update. CME Symposia can also be held at other association meetings, such as PriMed, or regional programs throughout the country.

Who Accredits the Symposia?

The Endocrine Society is the accrediting body for all CMES symposia in conjunction with ENDO and CEU. We also accredit enduring products, programs at other meetings, and regional programs. All educational programs for physicians conducted during Society-sponsored meetings must be developed by the Special Programs Committee of the Society.

Who Manages the Symposia Logistics?

The Endocrine Society has an in-house, professional meetings staff to manage program logistics. The supporter has the option of using The Endocrine Society or hiring a third party logistics manager. The Society would appreciate the opportunity to work with supporters in a comprehensive capacity.

When is the CMES Program Application Made Available?

The Space Reservation form and the CMES Symposia Application form are available year-round on The Endocrine Society Web site. The Society will work with your company or your medical education/communication company to schedule a CMES program at any time, during any meeting, providing space is available.

How Can the Duration of a CMES Symposia be Expanded?

Enduring Products such as Patient/Physician Programs, ENDO Session Recordings Web casts, print-based monographs, stand-alone Web casts, audio conferences or CD-ROMs can be developed from your live CMES program, or as stand-alone products.

How Much Does it Cost to Support a CMES Symposia?

The cost of a CMES Symposia depends on which products and services you choose, and where the Symposia is held. Please review the sample budgets for symposia or enduring products specific to your needs.

How many physicians attend ENDO?

7,500+ endocrinologists, nurses, and fellows attend ENDO.

How many physicians attend CMES Symposia at ENDO?

Attendance varies at each program based on the interest in the topic. Attendance is typically 300-500.

How many credits is a CMES Symposia?

A CMES Symposia or an Enduring Product is typically 1.5-2.5 credits.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

The medical education/communication company is required to provide confirmation in writing from the supporter or the supporter’s grants office that the program has been officially approved by the supporter. In the event that the medical education/communication company has not provided confirmation in writing from the supporter or the supporter’s grants office, and the supporter chooses not to provide support for the program at any time, the Society will impose a cancellation fee of $8,500 and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred, to the medical education/communication company.

In the event that the supporter withdraws its support of the planned program, the Society will impose a cancellation fee of $8,500 and out-of-pocket expenses incurred.  

Who should I contact with questions?

For more information on partnering with CMES, contact our Development office at development@endocrine.org or call 1.202.971.3636.