Clinical Trial Submission

Benefits of presenting at ENDO include:

  • Peer reviewed by top scientists in endocrinology
  • Exposure at the world's largest gathering of endocrinologists
  • Ability to advertise open recruitment

Preliminary Data Welcome

The Society understands that limited data may be available at the time of the abstract submission deadline. However, lead investigators are encouraged to submit if you anticipate data for presentation will be available by April 1, 2017. The abstract should detail the trial design and rationale, inclusion criteria, primary clinical endpoints, and any available preliminary data. Authors of promising clinical trial abstracts may be contacted for additional information.

Proprietary/Confidential Data Protection

The Endocrine Society takes the security of your research data seriously, while also showcasing the best science to the world's largest gathering of endocrinologists. All abstracts are embargoed until the date of presentation, with an embargo message included in all online, print, and app publications of abstract text. To ensure you are able to present your research, while maintaining control over your in-progress research, the Society offers the following additional options to restrict the publication of your abstract in advance of presentation:

Additional Options

  • Do not post online: Until the date of presentation, the full text of your abstract will not be displayed in any online, print, or app publications. Only the title and authors will be displayed to allow attendees to determine which sessions/posters to visit.
  • Do not consider for poster presentation: Abstracts are considered for oral presentation first, and then for poster presentation. You can withdraw your abstract in the case it is not selected for an oral presentation, and no publication of your submission will occur.

If you have special concerns about your submission, please contact Carol Balsamo at

Clinical Trial Recruitment

When you submit, you can indicate whether your trial is actively recruiting to solicit participants from the thousands of clinicians in attendance at ENDO or viewing your abstract online. If you select this option, please provide contact information for recruitment, which the Endocrine Society will include in your published abstract.