Here you can find information on requesting a meeting space, covering ENDO 2019 as a member of the media, and contact information to get all of your questions answered, or for assistance.  Answers to FAQs and a host of other information will appear here as the meeting date approaches, so please bookmark and check in.

Here there be pirates!Protect yourself: ENDO 2019 is a premiere event and as such, there are unscrupulous companies using the meeting to make false offers of registration and housing services. You may receive advertisements, e-mails or phone calls from these companies. Registration and housing should only be accessed from the Endocrine Society main website, See our Official Websites page for more information.

Contact Information

Endocrine Society Main Office
Phone: +1.202.971.3636
Toll Free in the U.S.: 888.363.6274

Registration - Regular and Group
Phone: +1.774.247.4000
Toll Free in the U.S.: 844.657.0476
Fax: +1.508.743.9684

Housing - Individual and Group
Phone (Domestic): 855.992.3353
Phone (International): +1.312.527.7300
Fax: +1.312.329.9513

Phone: +1.202.971.3646

Jenni Glenn Gingery
Phone: +1.202.971.3655
Email: Online media resources can be found here.

Hotel Meeting Space Request

If you are planning on holding an event during ENDO 2019, use Book It to request meeting space at one of our official hotels. Requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. This application will not become binding until it is approved and a confirmation letter is sent by the Endocrine Society. Please do not contact hotels directly.

For additional information please see the Ancillary Meeting Guidelines and Guidelines for Not-for-Profit Organization Meetings. For assistance or if you have any questions please contact Gwen Laster at