Welcome, First-Time ENDO Attendees!

Our staff and veteran ENDO attendees want to welcome you into our ENDO community! As such, we hope you will participate in our First Time Attendee Appreciation programs at ENDO. 

Be Recognized—Wear Your Mardi Gras Beads


To celebrate your first ENDO experience in the great city of New Orleans, we are passing out Mardi Gras beads for each first-time attendee to wear during ENDO. Wear these Mardi Gras beads around the convention center while at ENDO for a chance to win special prizes.

From Saturday to Tuesday, staff and member leaders will randomly give gift cards and ENDO swag to first-time attendees who are wearing their beads. Between five and ten prizes will be awarded to first timers each day.

Beads can be picked up at the Endocrine Society booth (#1337) from Saturday, March 23, to Monday, March 25. Only one set of beads will be given to each first-time attendee.

Exclusive First Timer Events

There is a lot to do at ENDO – but don’t miss out on special events for first-time attendees!

  • Saturday, March 23: Join us on the ENDOExpo floor for an exclusive First Time Attendee networking event from 1:00–2:00 PM. Enjoy light refreshments, meet your colleagues, and pick up your First Time Attendee gift. First Timers who join us for this networking session will have the opportunity to be entered into a raffle to win a complimentary ENDO 2020 registration.
  • Sunday, March 24: Meet us outside of the ENDOExpo floor wearing your First Time Attendee Mardi Gras beads at 10:00 AM for the First Time Attendee photo. Before the Expo hall opens, we will enter to take a photo in front of the Mardi Gras Experience booth. We will be sharing this photo on our various social media platforms. Connect with us by sharing the photo and hashtag #FirstENDO on your various platforms to enter a raffle for free ENDO 2019 Session Recordings.

There’s more to come! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check back for updates as the meeting draws closer.

First Time Attendee ENDO Buddy Program 

First-time attendees who registered for ENDO before February 14, 2019, and chose to be matched with another ENDO attendee, have been paired with an ENDO Buddy. Your ENDO Buddy is someone you can network with before, during, and after ENDO 2019. Please check for an email with the subject line, "Your ENDO Buddy Match," to see who your ENDO Buddy match is.

Ways to Connect With Your ENDO Buddy

Your ENDO Buddy experience is what you make it! Ways to connect with your ENDO Buddy can include:

  1. Exchanging contact information before or at ENDO;
  2. Attending plenaries, sessions, or poster presentations together;
  3. Exploring the ENDOExpo hall together, including Science Hub presentations, ENDOExpo theaters, and meeting up at the Endocrine Society booth; and
  4. Attending a first-time event or networking session together.

Tips for Connecting With Your ENDO Buddy

You were paired with an ENDO Buddy because you indicated interest by checking the applicable box on your ENDO 2019 registration form. The Endocrine Society will only share your name and email address with your ENDO Buddy when matching you. ENDO Buddies were selected because they wanted to be paired with a First Time Attendee by indicating interest on their registration forms. We encourage you to use your best judgement when it comes to sharing any additional contact or personal information with your ENDO Buddy. Endocrine Society encourages you to meet your ENDO Buddy for the first time at the convention center during exhibiting hours when other members and staff are on-site. All ENDO attendees are required to abide by the Meeting Code of Conduct.

Any questions regarding the ENDO Buddy program can be emailed to Alexa Stout, Specialist, Strategic Member Engagement, at astout@endocrine.org.

Get Ready for ENDO 2019!

In Episode 11 of the Endocrine News Podcast Dr. Mike Tuttle advises on how best to navigate ENDO 2019. Have a listen below, or on your favorite devices.