Information For Poster Presenters

General Information

Posters displayed daily in the ENDOExpo (located in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center)
Saturday, March 23 – Monday, March 25
10:30 AM – 3:15 PM

  • Poster Mounting: 7:00–9:00 AM on day of presentation
  • Presentations: 1:00–3:00 PM
  • Poster Removal: by 3:30 PM on day of presentation

Abstracts scheduled for poster presentation are:

  • Numbered by the scheduled presentation day and location on the ENDOExpo floor (for example, SAT-039 = Saturday presentation, poster board 39)
  • Grouped on the ENDOExpo floor by topic
  • Listed in the ENDO 2019 Meeting App and online ENDO 2019 Meeting Planner
  • Published as an online supplement in the Journal of the Endocrine Society (JES) and indexed for DOI

Poster Information Desk

The Poster Information desk is located outside the ENDOExpo (Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Level 1). It will be open Saturday – Monday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. All poster presenters can have their questions answered here.

Abstract Embargo Policy

ENDO 2019 abstracts are freely accessible online, at the ENDO 2019 Communications Center, and on the ENDO App. Abstracts will also be published online as a supplement in the Journal of the Endocrine Society (JES).

Unless otherwise noted, all abstracts presented at ENDO are embargoed until the date and time of presentation. For oral presentations, the abstracts are embargoed until the session begins. Abstracts presented at a news conference are embargoed until the date and time of the news conference. The Endocrine Society reserves the right to lift the embargo on specific abstracts that are selected for promotion prior to or during ENDO. Please see the Endocrine Society's News Embargo Policy.



Poster Board Guidelines

Poster Mounting

  • Check your confirmation letter or the ENDO 2019 Meeting Planner for your scheduled presentation day.
    • Boards are used by different presenters each day. Only mount your poster on your scheduled presentation day.
    • Posters mounted before 7:00 AM or after 3:30 PM ON THEIR SCHEDULED DAY will be discarded.
  • Mount your poster in the ENDOExpo hall between 7:00–9:00 AM for maximum attendee viewing time.
    • Follow hall entrance and exit instructions from Security personnel.
    • Poster presenters must leave the hall immediately after mounting their posters.
    • The hall will close to poster presenters after 9:00 AM for exhibitor setup. If you do not mount your poster before 9:00 AM, you must wait until the hall officially opens for the day to mount your poster.
  • If you miss your presentation day, visit the Poster Information Desk to see if you can present on another day.
  • Pushpins will be provided. Do not use alternative adhesives.
  • You are responsible for your poster carriers, tubes, or mailers. The Society is not responsible for any lost or stolen items on the ENDOExpo floor.


Poster Presentation

  • The primary author or a co-author MUST register for and attend ENDO 2019 to present and validate the published abstract.
  • Poster presentation is scheduled for ONE DAY from 1:00–3:00 PM. The presenting author should be at the poster during this time so that attendees can ask questions and meet the author.
  • If you have posters in more than one topic area scheduled on the same day and you or a co-author cannot be at all of them, we recommend posting a note on your additional board(s) indicating where they can find you.


Poster Removal

  • Remove your poster by 3:30 PM. All posters and materials not removed by 3:30 PM each day will be discarded.


Poster Size

  • The poster board display area is 3'9" high by 7'9" wide (1.14 m high by 2.36 m wide).
  • You may prepare a poster that is smaller, but DO NOT EXCEED THIS SIZE.

Presentation Poster Size

Poster Printing

Two businesses are conveniently located to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. A UPS Store is located inside the convention center (Level 1, Lobby F), but may not have poster-sized paper available. A FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is located directly across the street from the convention center at 901 Convention Center Boulevard, Suite 100 and carries a wider range of poster materials. Please reach out to these businesses directly for assistance if you cannot travel with your poster and need to pick it up when you arrive in New Orleans.

  • Do not print posters on thick or heavy materials such as poster board or vinyl. The material your poster is printed on must be able to be mounted for several hours with pushpins. High-quality paper or fabric posters will stay in place with pushpins.
  • Print on matte material if possible (glossy results in glare).
  • Providing printed copies of your abstract (posted next to your poster or placed on the floor underneath your poster board) is helpful for attendees viewing your poster when you are not standing next to it.


Poster Header

Include the following information at the top of your poster (use lettering at least 1" (2.5 cm) high):

  • Poster number (as noted in your confirmation email)
  • Presentation title (use the title as it appears in the ENDO 2019 Meeting Planner)
  • Author information
  • Author conflict of interest disclosure

Presentation Poster Header

Poster Text

  • Use large print (at least 1/2" (1.8 cm) high).
  • Keep text and figure legends concise, but do not omit them.
  • Including short, legible Introduction and Summary of Conclusions sections on your poster is helpful for attendees.


Poster Illustrations

  • All illustrations must be made beforehand.
  • Illustrations must be able to be read from a distance of 3–5 feet (1–2 meters).
  • Keep illustrative material simple (simple use of color can add emphasis effectively).
  • Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be more heavily drawn than those prepared for slides.



For poster presentation questions, please contact Bradlee Sutherland at