Pituitary Development and Tumorigenesis

The following presentations were given March 25, 2019 at ENDO 2019. They are presented here through our partnership with Keystone Symposia to extend the reach and impact of ENDO 2019 to the broader scientific community.

Homeostatic and Tumourigenic Activity of SOX2+ Pituitary Stem Cells is Controlled by the LATS/YAP/TAZ Cascade


Non-syndromic Cushing's Disease Due To CDKN1B Mutations: Novel Mutations And Phenotypic Features In A Large Pediatric Cohort


PROP1 Directs Pituitary Differentiation through Protein Interaction and for Regulation of Gene Expression Involved in an EMT-Like Process


Persistence of Progenitor Cell Markers Following the Selective Ablation of Musashi in Somatotropes

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