ENDO 2025 Symposia Suggestions

June 01, 2024

ENDO 2025 will take place July 12-15, 2025, in San Francisco, CA. We now are accepting suggestions for all session types and proposals for symposia at this meeting. Suggestions can be partial ideas that will be further developed by Annual Meeting Steering Committee (AMSC). Symposia proposals are meant to be fully developed with speakers, chairs, and learning objectives (see table below). For more information, please view the proposal submission guidelines.

Session Proposals  Session Suggestions 
 Accepted for symposia only  Accepted for all ENDO session types
 Chairs and speakers required for proposal  Chairs and speakers can be included but are not required
 Submitter will receive acceptance or rejection notice from the Endocrine Society  Submitters will not be further contacted by the Endocrine Society 
 Submitters of accepted proposals will work with AMSC to develop session  AMSC may use suggestions to develop final sessions without involving the suggestion submitter



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