November 10, 2020

These special “meeting-within-a-meeting” tracks integrate focused discussions, oral and poster abstract sessions, and networking opportunities to provide you with the latest research in dedicated topic areas. To view the full listing, please visit the program planner.

Advances in Understanding the GnRH Pulse Generator

  • Biophysical Model of GnRH Neuronal Activity and Secretion
    Anmar Khadra, PhD, McGill University
  • The Role of Circadian Clocks in Reproduction
    Pamela L. Mellon, PhD, University of California, San Diego
  • The GnRH Pulse Generator in Vivo
    Allan E. Herbison, MD, PhD, University of Cambridge

Courting the Melanocortin System

  • Hypothalamic MC4R Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis via Renal GLUT2
    Kavaljit H. Chhabra, MPharm, PhD, University of Rochester
  • Regulating Traffic: Manipulating MC4R Signalling Levels
    Giulia Baldini, MD, PhD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • MRAPs in Energy Homeostasis
    Li Chan, MB, William Harvey Research Institute
  • The Melanocortin System: Modulation of Receptor Signalling and Interactions with Other GPCRs
    Joanne F. Murray, PhD, University of Edinburgh

Hunger Games: CNS in Endocrine Function and Metabolism

  • Neurocircuitry Control of Feeding
    Lora K. Heisler, PhD, University of Aberdeen
  • Neurocircuitry Control of Digestion and Metabolism
    John N. Campbell, PhD, University of Virginia
  • Neurocircuitry Control of Hunger
    Michael Krashes, PhD, National Institutes of Health

Hypothalamus: When Development Goes Wrong

  • Environmental Disruptors of Hypothalamic Development
    Deborah M. Kurrasch, PhD, University of Calgary
  • Genetic Disorders Affecting the Hypothalamus
    Adda Grimberg, MD, Children's Hospital Philadelphia
  • Hypothalamic Development: Cellular Behaviours and Molecular Signals
    Marysia Placzek, PhD, Bateson Centre, University of Sheffield

New Kids on the Block: Novel Neuropeptides in Reproductive Axis Regulation

  • Chair: Ursula B. Kaiser, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Ali Abbara, PhD, Imperial College London
  • Regulation of Phoenixin and Spexin by Fatty Acids, Nitric Oxide and the Endocrine-disrupting Chemical BPA: Molecular Analysis
    Denise D. Belsham, PhD, University of Toronto
  • Introduction to Novel Neuropeptides in Reproductive Axis Regulation
    Sasha R. Howard, MBBS, PhD, Centre for Endocrinology, William Harvey Research Institute, QMUL
  • Discovery and Introduction to Phoenixin
    Gina L.C. Yosten, PhD, Saint Louis University
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