Bronze Connection Sample Design Plan

December 15, 2020

You deliver promise through people.

The great news about building a connection strategy with a limited budget is that you’ve got to make it personal and you’ve got to make personal count. Of course we made sure our virtual connection booth was crisp, clean, and conveyed our primary focus, but more importantly we were thoughtful about how our all-access pass users tackled ENDO.

We reviewed the event program to pinpoint the learning session most closely aligned to what we do so well and made sure our people were in each of them. Rather than pushing our agenda though, we made note of what the frontline practitioners were saying so that we could engage them in better conversations. In fact, to that end, we even devised a plan to invite them into video chat for the express purpose of learning how WE could get better and do better.

Many might scoff at and approach based on learning first, but we know connections, genuine connections that don’t immediately try to make a sale are what can take a company like ours from small but mighty to game-changing. We left ENDO with a highly-qualified short list of practitioners who actually know us and with whom we’re confident we can continue to build mutually beneficial relationships!

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