Gold Connection Sample Design Plan

December 15, 2020

You create your own niche.

It was imperative that our on-demand Discovery Forum create the connection experience ENDO attendees would have with us through the rest of their virtual experience, which is why we built it with four unique stories in mind. Rather than delivering a lengthy state-of-the-industry type presentation, we opted to profile four practitioners as they put our products to work to solve four big problems in the real world.

From this single, 45-minute on demand video, we were able to build an entirely different Connection booth experience whereby we invited those very same professionals to participate in pop-up video chats with other attendees facing similar challenges as well as our staff to share knowledge and forge relationships all while gaining invaluable insights into where our prospective customers need the greatest support.

Further, our in-booth videos and links all tied back to evolutions of those four, featured customer stories. When we invited people to visit us, we could be confident that there was a definitive, relatable and easy-to-follow learning path specific to their needs. In fact, we were so confident, we supplemented our Gold Connection package with a dedicated email and carefully curated list and message the primed attendees whose stories matched the ones we were telling to participate in the conversation with us.

Applying that same perspective, we segmented our post-event mailing list into four groups sending curated pieces only to those who most closely matched our identified niche, improving our bottom line and our conversion rate.

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