Platinum Connection Sample Design Plan

December 15, 2020

You create your own niche.

We designed our Practitioner Council as the heartbeat of our entire connection experience, using feedback from endocrinologists on the front lines to direct how we connected throughout the rest of ENDO 2021. How? Simple.

We built our Council agenda to ask questions and collect feedback with the intention of using it to drive the focus of our Live Discovery Forum session and Connection Builder videos and links.

With a big idea in mind, the new product we’re rolling out in Q2 and with the Society’s permission, we hosted our Council meeting the day before ENDO began. Then we invited Council participants to join the hosted Q&A portion of our Discovery Forum. Their comments also drove the links we uploaded into our Connection Booth which we were able to thoughtfully tailor to respond to the tone of their feedback set.

Our team used that very same feedback to invite individuals and small groups of ENDO participants to join impromptu video chats in our Connection Booths, and we quickly pushed simple talking points to the 20 staff members taking advantage of all-access experience passess so that they could not only stay on message during all of their ENDO interactions but also so that they were all asking the same questions to gain a critical mass of feedback around the same ideas.

How did we tie it all together visually? We made sure that in place of our standard logo and branding images, we created a unique ENDO-specific version with a tagline that drove home the entire purpose of our participation was to let our customers lead us!

After the event concluded, we made sure that both our post-event survey and the direct mail piece we produced built upon feedback we collected during the duration of ENDO.

For the first time, our connection strategy was driven almost completely by our customers in real-time. and we were able to use our Connection package features thoughtfully rather than simply rinsing and repeating from one event to another.

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