Silver Connection Sample Design Plan

December 15, 2020

You make ‘resourceful’ look easy.

For us, everything revolved around truly delivering on The Business of Breakthroughs. Sure, it would have been easier to upload the same video we’ve used at other events, but we committed to Connection which meant developing content that could connect with endocrinologists about how to power a breakthrough on a practical scale.

To bolster the reach of the custom-created 10-minute video we designed, we built an entire strategy designed to maximize connection that our enterprising team could dream up. We made sure our other in-booth links and shorter videos were laser focused (and in some cases specifically created) to deepen the story of how our solution made breakthroughs attainable. Instead of pushing product in our text and video chat, we pushed the conversation of the related breakthrough forward. We asked booth visitors how that breakthrough would look on the ground in their practice session so that we could enhance our messaging, refine our features set, and ensure our post-event mailer really nailed the exact nature of the breakthrough we could deliver.

Even our booth imaging showcased a breakthrough-oriented image of the company. Sure, we keep our principal logo visible, but we made sure there was a decidedly intrepid tone to both the graphic itself as well as the tagline. We wanted to make it crystal clear that connecting with us at ENDO was an adventure into the future of the field.

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