Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit

Event Information

Meeting Type: Physical
Meeting Website:
Dates: October 18 - 20, 2013
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada , United States
Intended Audience:
Sponsor: Consultant
Purpose: Education
Number of CME Credits Offered: None

Topics: Adrenal, Cardiovascular Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus and Glucose Metabolism, Adipose Tissue Appetite and Obestity

Description: With the prevalence of cardiometabolic syndrome affecting more than one in three adults in the United States, primary care practitioners are increasingly playing an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Continuing medical education is critical in staying up to date on best practices, the latest research and new advances in managing patients with cardiometabolic syndrome. The Primary Care Cardiometabolic Risk Summit was established as a live educational platform to supplement Consultant, an established resource for primary care for over 50 years. Expert faculty in primary care will provide provocative lectures and stimulate discussion on the four major cardiometabolic risk epidemics: hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes and obesity. Nothing beats the attendee and expert interaction you will find at the 2013 Cardiometabolic Risk Summit. Attendees of this conference will have various, unique and intimate educational and networking opportunities that simply can't be found anywhere else.

Event Contact

Name: Stephanie Manzo
Phone: 610.560.0500