Children: Food and Environment

Event Information

Meeting Type: Physical
Meeting Website:
Dates: February 4, 2015 - November 20, 2014
Location: Austin, Texas , United States
Intended Audience: , , ,
Sponsor: The Children's Environmental Health Network
Purpose: Scientific
Number of CME Credits Offered: None

Topics: Cardiovascular Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus and Glucose Metabolism, Endocrine Disruption, Adipose Tissue Appetite and Obestity, Male Reproductive Health and Biology, Pediatric Endocrine Practice, Female Reproductive Health and Biology


Engage in an event that explores:

  • How the interaction between food and environmental factors affect children’s health
  • Micro-level factors such as nutrient-mediated microbiome effects
  • Macro-level influences such as contaminants rising from modern food production practices
  • Policy, regulatory, and further research implications

Who Should Attend

Research scientists, epidemiologists, public health and health care professionals, and students in all related disciplines.

Event Contact

Name: Kristie Trousdale
Phone: 202-543-4033