Scary Cases in Endocrine Surgery

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Meeting Type: Live Audio Conference
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Dates: November 5, 2015
Location: Washington, DC , United States
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Sponsor: MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Purpose: Education
Number of CME Credits Offered: 1.5

Topics: Endocrine Disruption, Thyroid


Endocrine surgery and endocrine diseases involve complex, interdisciplinary management. Guidelines, standards of care and technical approaches continually advance and the physician requires frequent updating to optimize patient outcomes. Practice can be isolating, and meeting as a group to discuss active patient management can assist not only in that particular patient’s outcome but serve to educate their treating physician as well. The intent of this conference is to improve short term outcomes, decrease postoperative complications, and provide consensus on the best route and sequence for treatment. This should result in improved quality of life for the patient and maximize the participating physicians’ ability to actively help their physicians as well. The socialization provided by an in-person conference can also make close links between physicians who routinely treat the same patients but who usually communicate by phone, email or fax. These personal interactions cannot be underestimated in their importance. Another important objective is to determine the appropriate timeline, delivery, and sequence of evaluation and treatment and follow-up for patients. This can enable physicians to make decisions as to when surgery or medical management are more appropriate, allow for better efficiency of care, and ultimately again benefit the patient.

This is a yearly, multidisciplinary case presentation conference in which complex endocrine surgery and endocrine problems and selected routine cases will be presented and options for a clinical management plan are discussed. The cases will be both from in-house physicians and invited for contribution by attendees. The cases will be presented in depth along with radiologic imaging and pathology followed by discussion and contributions from all disciplines present. Research protocols and review of literature may also occur.

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Name: Lauren Mazanec
Phone: 2028778206