Single Cell Transcriptomics Workshop

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Meeting Type: Physical
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Dates: May 4 - 8, 2015
Location: Philadelphia, PA , United States
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Sponsor: National Human Genome Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics and Penn Program in Single Cell Biology
Purpose: Education, Scientific
Number of CME Credits Offered: None

Topics: Adrenal, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Cardiovascular Endocrinology, Diabetes Mellitus and Glucose Metabolism, Endocrine Disruption, Adipose Tissue Appetite and Obestity, Male Reproductive Health and Biology, Endocrine Neoplasia and Cancer, Neuroendocrinology, Pediatric Endocrine Practice, Neuroendocrinology, Thyroid, Female Reproductive Health and Biology


Could single cell transcriptomics advance your research?

Learn advanced techniques for single cell isolation, RNA amplification and gene expression profiling by RNA-seq from leaders in the field at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Program in Single Cell Biology.

Techniques include:

  • Single cell isolation – patch pipette, Isoraft, Fluidigm C1
  • RNA amplification – linear amplification (aRNA), Smart-seq
  • Image-based methods
  • RNA-seq library preparation
  • Basic informatics

Participants may bring their own samples, on consultation with course instructors.

Dates: Mon, 4th May – Fri, 8th May, 2015
Location: The University of Pennsylvania
Workshop fee: $300
Dormitory housing: $300
Course instructors: Dr. James Eberwine, Dr. Junhyong Kim, Dr. Catherine Moorwood and others.
Application deadline: Fri, 20th Feb, 2015

Places are limited. To apply, go to Faculty, trainees and graduate students based at US institutions are eligible. Successful applicants will be notified by Mon, 9th Mar, 2015. Payment is required to secure your place.

A limited number of travel grants are available for scientists who are female and/or from an under-represented minority.

Contact: Catherine Moorwood, D.Phil., Assistant Director of Programs, Penn Program in Single Cell Biology (

Event Contact

Name: Catherine Moorwood