Hormones Metabolism and the Benefits of Exercise

Event Information

Meeting Type: Physical
Meeting Website: http://www.hormonesexercise.eventbrite.com
Dates: December 5, 2016
Location: Paris , France
Intended Audience: , , ,
Sponsor: Fondation Ipsen
Purpose: Education, Organizational, Promotional, Scientific
Number of CME Credits Offered: None

Topics: Diabetes Mellitus and Glucose Metabolism, Endocrine Disruption, Adipose Tissue Appetite and Obestity, Male Reproductive Health and Biology, Neuroendocrinology, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Pediatric Endocrine Practice, Neuroendocrinology, Female Reproductive Health and Biology


This Colloque Médecine et Recherche is the 16th annual meeting organized by Fondation Ipsen and is organized by Bruce Spiegelman (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA) and Yves Christen (Fondation Ipsen, Paris, France).

The world is faced with an epidemic of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. This is due to changes in dietary habits and the decrease in physical activity. Exercise is usually part of the prescription, the first line of defense, to prevent or treat metabolic disorders. However, we are still learning how and why exercise provides metabolic benefits in human health. This conference will focus on the cellular and molecular pathways that link exercise, muscle biology, hormones and metabolism. This will include novel “myokines” that might act as new therapeutic agents in the future. A robust discussion around these topics is expected.

Event Contact

Name: de Gérard
Email: astrid.de.gerard@ipsen.com
Phone: +33158335000