Event Information

Meeting Type: Physical
Meeting Website: http://pituitarysymposium.org
Dates: October 11, 2019
Location: New York, NY , United States
Intended Audience: Clinical Scientist, Early Career, In Training, Physician or Advanced Practice Professional
Sponsor: Weill Cornell Medicine Neurosurgery
Purpose: Education, Scientific
Number of CME Credits Offered: 6.25

Topics: Endocrine Neoplasia and Cancer, General Endocrine Practice, Neuroendocrinology

Description: Pituitary Tumors: Medical, Surgical, and Radiotherapy Treatment Options
This course is a comprehensive overview and discussion of the evaluation; management; and medical, surgical, and radiation treatments of the pituitary tumor. The pituitary gland plays an enormously important role in human development, the maintenance of various essential physiologic functions, and aging and senescence. Hence, the health of the pituitary gland is critical at all stages of human life. For this reason, there are a variety of pituitary disorders that can have a profound impact on multiple organ systems. General practitioners and even specialists in endocrinology may not be fully aware of the widespread impact of the pituitary gland in health and disease; the function of this course is to educate and inform the medical audience about pituitary disease. The conference will comprise lectures, case-based talks, and Q & A panel sessions.

Event Contact

Name: Tatiana Soto
Email: neurosurgery-cme@med.cornell.edu
Phone: 2127464030