PCC 2019

Event Information

Meeting Type: Audio On Demand
Meeting Website: http://bit.ly/PCC2019
Dates: April 16 - 19, 2019
Location: London , United Kingdom
Intended Audience: Basic Scientist, Clinical Scientist, Early Career, In Training, Media, Member, Patient Caregiver Public, Physician or Advanced Practice Professional, Policymaker
Sponsor: Partnership for Clean Competition
Purpose: Education, Scientific
Number of CME Credits Offered: None

Topics: Development, Growth, Steroid Hormones and Receptors, Transgender Medicine and Research

Description: What is PCC London 2019?
The Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) London 2019 is the PCC’s fifth Conference and t
he first to take place in the United Kingdom. Previously held at the Major League Baseball (MLB) Headquarters in New York, PCC’s arrival in London is a sign of the event’s continued growth and rising stature as the movement’s most thought-provoking, authentic and “no holds barred” event featuring athletes, sports administrators, scientists, anti-doping leaders and legal experts. With a diverse array of speakers, PCC 2019 will be the most comprehensive, unbiased and progressive event on the 2019 anti-doping calendar.

What makes PCC London 2019 different?
In contrast to other anti-doping conferences - which can be overly bureaucratic and get bogged down in the technical minutiae - PCC London 2019 offers candid, lively and open debate on some of the key topics in clean sport: from cutting-edge research to the athlete voice, and from the significant challenges facing the anti-doping movement now to the recent Russian doping crisis.

PCC 2019 is also different [to other anti-doping conferences] for its strong focus on the athlete voice at a time when athletes having been speaking up for reform of the system in unprecedented numbers. Giving athletes an equal footing alongside sports leaders, lawyers, scientists, ethicists, journalists and other commentators is a clear indication of how we differ from other anti-doping events.

What outcomes does the PCC expect from PCC 2019?
Unlike other anti-doping events, we do not pre-orchestrate the outcomes. We pride ourselves on being an authentic, thought-provoking conference where free speech is championed and every perspective welcomed, whether or not you happen to disagree with it. After all, it is only through embracing diverging opinions that we will progress with the clean sport cause. We are confident that through a lively, open forum, some strong consensus and results may emerge which, in turn, will help both pro leagues and the Olympic Movement advance the clean sport cause in a constructive way.

The PCC is unique in that it brings together the Olympic Sports and also the U.S. Professional Sports - doesn’t that just highlight the contrast in standards between anti-doping programs?
The great thing about the PCC is its collaborative aspect - bringing Olympic and non-Olympic sport together under one roof so that both sporting movements can help raise each other’s clean sport programs.

Both Olympic sport anti-doping programs (under the World Anti-Doping Code) and Professional Sports make each other better through their own respective strengths. Take the Professional Leagues, who have robust Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) programs, huge resources and carry out a great volume of testing. Plus, the professional leagues - not least the MLB - have made great progress in their investigative “non-analytical” strategies to level the playing field.

For Olympic sport, the World Anti-Doping Code offers its own strengths which professional sport can learn from. Take, for example, the four-year sanctions for intentional doping and, like the professional leagues, a greater emphasis on investigations which has proven so effective in exposing doping in recent years.

PCC London 2019 is a great opportunity to hear about both Professional Sport and Olympic Sport programs, and a chance to build off each other for the good of sport.

Event Contact

Name: Jenna Celmer
Email: jcelmer@cleancompetition.org