Call for Nominations 2022

September 13, 2021

The Endocrine Society Nominating Committee met on September 25 & 29, 2020 to discuss candidates for the 2021 Board of Directors. Nominees were identified from candidates who submitted completed packages as part of the “Call for Nominations” distributed to all members earlier this year.

The members identified below have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to complement the current Board of Directors and reflect Society membership (click on their names to read their bios).  Specifically, we looked at how each epitomizes the Society core competencies:

  • Organizational Knowledge and Stewardship—Understands and embodies the association’s core values, mission and strategic priorities.
  • Strategic Thinking and Leadership—Demonstrates leadership attributes that allow them to positively influence the decision-making process by effectively aligning tasks, priorities, and resources in a thoughtful and strategic way.
  • Communication—Demonstrates skills and leadership in communicating efficiently, respectfully, and transparently.
  • Collaboration—Appreciates the unique views and opinions of others when building consensus.

The Committee also wanted to ensure the Board reflected the following, raised as areas of focus:

  • PhDs without clinical responsibilities
  • Clinicians in practice
  • Educators and administrators
  • Diversity of background
Nominees for 2021 Board Positions 

President-elect (one-year term)

To be elected by membership; election ballot to launch in early November.

Stephen R. Hammes, MD, PhD
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Ursula B. Kaiser, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA




Secretary Treasurer-Elect (four-year term)


Jeffrey B. Boord, MD, MPH
Parkview Health
Fort Wayne, IN




Directors (three-year term)

Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MD
University of Colorado
Aurora, CO

Rocio Pereira, MD
Denver Health Medical Center
Denver, CO

Carolyn L. Smith, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX




The committee believes the full Board of Directors, is well-positioned to implement our mission and vision to support our members.

As part of the new governance structure approved last year, there is a new approach for elections. Voting members will receive a ballot in early November to vote on the candidates for President-elect. The Directors are presented as a slate of candidates and will stand as presented, pending a 30-day petition process.


The slate presented is the recommendation from the Nominating Committee. If a member does not think the slate of candidates is reflective of the membership, he/she may choose to submit a petition candidate. The petition process does not apply to the candidates for election to the President-elect or Secretary Treasurer-elect positions.

Petition candidates must email [email protected] with an intent to submit a petition, and will be sent instructions for gathering member signatures. Petitions with three percent of voting members as of December 31st of the previous year, not more than ten percent (10%) from one institution/organization, will result in a runoff election. The run-off slate will include the petitioner(s) and individuals proposed by the Nominating Committee. Any candidate brought forth by petition must submit the requisite candidate information form(s). The new Board members will be determined by the highest votes in the election.

Completed petitions must be submitted by November 2, 2020. If none are submitted, the slate will stand as presented.

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