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Community Connect is Endocrine Society’s exclusive online community where you can network, talk to experts, join a conversation with people who share your interests, and find what you need throughout your journey with your Society. Learn, share ideas, and be heard on Community Connect now!

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Community Connect

  1. Networking opportunities
    Community Connect is a 24/7 networking opportunity. You can join a forum, start interacting with people and, voila…you are networking! Being active in discussions helps you get your name out there. If you reply to conversation threads, those involved in the dialogue will remember you and will be more accessible when you approach them for something. Also, if people find your ideas or solutions helpful, they will try to reach out to you…see, networking!

  2. Source of inspiration
    Do you need a new idea about how to approach a tough issue? Do you have an idea but first you want to test its viability? Community Connect is the place to be. It allows you to measure the pulse of what's happening in your field of work. And you know, the more people participate in the special interest group discussions, the higher the chances for you to gain new ideas.

  3. Expand your knowledge
    Meetings, courses and webinars aren't the only places where you can become more knowledgeable. Because Endocrine Society members who are active on Community Connect come from different areas of research, clinician practice and administration, the forums are like a mine of information. Peeking through the various conversations, you will see that some people have the same questions as you, but there are also people who have answers or solutions to those questions.

    Something that would have taken you weeks (and a few failed attempts) to figure out became a very easy lesson learned on Community Connect.

  4. Mentorship
    You are someone new in the field of hormone health, and you would like to have a mentor. Someone who can provide an answer to the difficult issues that you are facing on the job, about your career pathway, etc. Someone who can guide you in avoiding some mistakes (only some of them, because errors are often a good way to learn) and help you become successful. That's what you will find with Community Connect. With over 15k members you are bound to find peers who have been in your shoes before and are always willing to take under their wings the new generation of hormone health professionals. And if you are someone with more than a few years of experience, Community Connect provides you with an opportunity to mentor the new generation of professionals. Win-win.

  5. Building strong relationships
    Community Connect is a great way to form new relationships. It is a vibrant community, with clinicians and researchers, scientists, nurses, physician assistances, students, professors, and so forth. Anything is possible… all you have to do is build good relationships with your peers. And the great news is that relationship building is pretty easy: 1) become an active participant in the discussions; 2) network and engage with the other members; 3) be helpful to a peer in need and you will be well on your way to building a strong relationship (or a friendship…or both!).

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