We are curating and developing COVID-19 resources that will support our members during this unique time. Bookmark this page as a resource for the latest information regarding coronavirus.

We are here to help. If you have unanswered questions pertaining to how we are supporting our members, please reach out and let us know. Please also check that your member profile is up-to-date, including your address and other contact information, to ensure you receive the latest from us regarding this developing situation. 

Management Support

The latest clinical guidelines on evaluating and caring for COVID-19 patients.

CDC Information for Healthcare Professionals

NIEH Worker Training Program Resources

The American Medical Association has also released new resources to help health care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tools include coding scenarios for telehealth services, among other helpful guidelines for billing during this time.

Patient Education

Information to share with prospective patients in light of COVID-19.

Center for Disease Control

The Hormone Health Network also has a page available to keep patients in the know with regards to COVID-19.


If you are new to telehealth, consider these resources to help you become acclimated.

Grants and Proposals

Many agencies have provided updates on grant and proposal deadlines for both existing awardees and future applicants.

National Institute of Health

National Science Foundation

Department of Energy’s Office of Science

Preparing for Remote Work

Labs and research facilities have started closing or offering limited access to researchers. For some, working remotely may be a new experience. Below is a list of suggestions for those that may have questions or concerns about remote work.

  • Be mindful about work that requires a research setting as opposed to tasks that can be accomplished alone or in a remote capacity and prioritize your work accordingly.

  • Develop a plan for minimizing social contact while caring for laboratory animals. The NIH offers additional resources. The NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare has adjusted inspection requirements due to the pandemic.

  • Conduct meetings via video conferencing services such as Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom. Skype and Google Hangout are both free-to-use services, while many organizations offer Zoom subscriptions to their members.

  • Leverage cloud storage options offered by your institution. Many services include the capability for multiple users to access data and edit documents concurrently, which allows for real-time collaboration.

  • Draft and share a plan amongst team members for how projects will be completed remotely in the absence of in-person meetings. Establish roles for each team member and communicate frequently to effectively manage workflows.

  • Leverage online resources such as the NIH Office of Research Services Online Library.

  • NIH peer review meetings will be held in alternate formats.

The following publications and libraries have made their coronavirus-related content free to access:

As part of our partnership with the Diabetes Disaster Relief Coalition, we have also updated our dedicated webpage with resources for persons living with diabetes.

Information regarding ENDO 2020 is available here

The European Society for Endocrinology has also created a resource and information page.

Industry Resources

Novartis announces broad range of initiatives to respond to COVID-19 Pandemic; Creates USD 20 million global fund to support impacted communities (3/17/20)

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