Governance Task Force

The Governance Task Force (GTF) was created in Spring 2018 after our new strategic plan (SP4), was approved. The GTF is exploring how a new governance approach can enrich member engagement experiences, increase volunteer opportunities, and ensure that the Society’s top member leaders reflect the rich diversity of our members and have the professional and personal skillsets to lead our organization into the future.

Top 3 Reasons for Our Governance Review

Supporting Strategic Plan Implementation—We are most successful when our priorities, strategy, and resources are aligned...

Unifying the Endocrine Community—Endocrinology is a dynamic field and constantly evolving—so is our membership...

Member Engagement—Our members are passionate about endocrine science, education, and promoting optimal health and well-being...

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Our new mission is to unite, lead, and grow the endocrine community to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and improve health worldwide; the GTF’s charge is to make that mission a reality by recommending a model that ensures that the right leaders are in the right roles at the right time.

The GTF would like to hear from you; please use this survey to ask any questions or share feedback with the task force.

What is “Governance?”

“Governance” is the structure and process by which an organization makes decisions that help it achieve its mission. This includes the physical makeup of an organization’s legal governing body (board of directors), its member and staff leaders, and how the work of an organization is completed.

To learn more about governance, please see our resources section where you can find readings on contemporary association governance practices.

Who serves on the GTF?

The GTF is carefully comprised of 21 members who represent our Society’s valued diversity. The GTF members spans career stages, ages, genders, professional roles, endocrine specialties, and locations around the world.

What Have We Learned?

GTF Chair Dr. Lynnette Nieman led a series of member webinars throughout September to introduce the task force’s work and begin collecting member feedback.

After you review the webinar, we would like to hear from you; please use this survey to ask any questions or share feedback with the task force.

Where Are We Now?

The GTF first met in person June 2018 in Washington, D.C. where it hosted a joint workshop with Council and task force guests to learn about contemporary association governance and to identify the guiding principles which serve as a guidepost for discussions. The GTF continued their work over the summer by collaborating virtually and participating on several conference calls. The GTF met again in September 2018 in Miami, Florida to discuss next steps in drafting recommendations.

From September 2018-November 2018, the GTF reached out to members to share preliminary thinking and receive feedback. This feedback was discussed by the GTF during its November 2018 meeting. The GTF has created a Frequently Asked Questions document to answer some of the questions that were raised during the recent outreach.

Once preliminary recommendations are developed, from December 2018 – February 2019, the GTF will be conducting additional member outreach to ensure that members are informed and can ask questions. A final report will be presented to the Endocrine Society Council in March 2019 for approval.


GTF Roster

  • Lynnette Nieman, MD
  • Dale Abel, MBBS, MD, PhD
  • Henry Anhalt, DO
  • Cesar Luiz Boguszewski, MD, PhD
  • Samantha Butts, MD, MSCE
  • Gary Hammer, MD, PhD
  • Ken Ho, MD
  • Ursula Kaiser, MD, BSC
  • Susan Mandel, MD, MPH
  • Kelly Mayo, PhD
  • Genevieve Scott Neal-Perry, PhD, MD
  • John Newell-Price, MD, PhD, FRCP
  • Daniel Oppenheim, MD, PhD
  • Al Powers, MD
  • Nalini Shah, DM
  • Carolyn Smith, PhD
  • Gabriel Smolarz, MD, MS, FACE, ECNU, DIpl. ABOM
  • Lindsey Starr Treviño, PhD
  • AJ Van der Lely, MD, PhD
  • Mayumi Yamamoto, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Barbara Byrd Keenan, FASAE, CAE (Ex-Officio member)