Top 3 Reasons for Our Governance Review

Supporting Strategic Plan Implementation

We are most successful when our priorities, strategy, and resources are aligned. In December 2017, Council approved our new Strategic Plan (SP4). Our priorities defined by SP4 allow us to focus our efforts on initiatives that unite and lead the global endocrine community.

Reviewing our current governance structure challenges us to think of how we can engage our most valuable resource – our members.

The tripartite system was created with SP1 (2002). Our current committee structure was developed as part of SP2 (2006). Assessing our current practices against contemporary governance trends and SP4 allows us to identify what in our governance structure is working well and what we can improve to best support our members and the field at-large.

Unifying the Endocrine Community

Endocrinology is a dynamic field and constantly evolving—so is our membership. How our members identified themselves and their interests during SP1 may not be how members currently identify themselves as research and practice has evolved. A governance review allows us to learn more about our members, how they choose to identify their professional roles and interests, and what member leader opportunities are of most value to them. The more we learn about our community, the better prepared we are to create meaningful leadership opportunities, identify leaders who best represent our diverse membership, and identify a governance model that inspires innovation and unites us.

Member Engagement

Our members are passionate about endocrine science, education, and promoting optimal health and well-being. They are inspired by our work as a Society and want to contribute to our mission of accelerating scientific breakthroughs and improving health worldwide. Our current committee structure has limited opportunities for member leaders and may not be the optimal approach for implementing the work of SP4. We know members want to contribute to our work, but we don’t have enough opportunities to meet this need. Evaluating our governance approach will help us identify new ways to expand opportunities for members to participate and ensure that their efforts advance the goals of SP4. We want to create an environment where the many voices of our membership are valued, and we are strengthening the leadership pipeline for our Society and the global research and clinical community.