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Speaker DirectoryThe Endocrinology Speaker Directory is a global network of the best and brightest early career endocrine scientists ready to speak at scientific meetings worldwide. This Directory represents a wide range of speakers that cover innovations and advancements in endocrine research, health and medicine and topics including professional and leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

Be recognized as one of the up and coming speakers in the field of endocrinology and join the Endocrinology Speaker Directory today!

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Complete the Speaker Directory registration form and submit your 2-minute video introduction. Potential speakers must obtain institutional approval prior to posting video presentations to this site.

You will need to submit the following in the Speaker Directory registration form:

  • A recent video (limited to 2 minutes) that describes why your science is important
  • Speaker Directory
  • A link to a recent photo
  • A link to a current biography
  • A link to your CV or list of recent publications
  • Number of speeches you have done in the past year
  • A list of your previous speaking experience in the following areas (250-character limit for each):
    • Professional
    • Leadership/volunteering
    • Speaking/teaching
  • Testimonials

As an Endocrine Society member, you have the ability to search a highly qualified and diverse speaker roster to help make your meetings a success.

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