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Society Has Active Social Media Presence

April 28, 2023

Social Media Helps Spread Word About Endocrine Practice, Research and Advocacy

By Society Staff

An idea or opinion shared in the real world might reach a handful of individuals…or as far as a person’s voice may carry. Those same thoughts shared in the virtual world might reach thousands or even millions of people.

Social media platforms — such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — have given individuals and organizations the ability to reach vast audiences anywhere in the world and in real time. 

At the Society, we harness these powerful tools to share our messages with those interested in hormone health practice, research, and advocacy. We use social media to inform members of upcoming activities and initiatives. These posts often serve as the catalyst to stoke conversations around different endocrine topics. 

We keep a close eye on how many people interact with our messages. Engagement, in fact, is a key indicator of success for our social media efforts. By these measures, we have a robust and successful online presence.  

Endocrine Society’s primary social media channels include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Over 78,000 accounts follow these Endocrine Society profiles. We post several times each day across our channels, resulting in hundreds of posts each month covering everything from Society campaigns to our journals to products and more. 

You can also find our latest videos on the Endocrine Society YouTube channel. Our LinkedIn profile provides Society updates from our People and Organizational Enablement team. In addition, we have accounts that feature member achievements in specific areas such as the latest journal articles are featured through @EndoSocJournals, Endocrine News magazine cover stories are posted through @Endocrine_News, and media mentions of members are shared through @EndoMedia.

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media channels are a key tool in getting the word out on the Society’s most critical initiatives. Most recently, we have developed toolkits for our followers to use to amplify messaging on:

You can play a strong supporting role in these campaigns! We try to make it as easy as possible for members to engage in our campaigns. Most toolkits include:

  • Society-branded social media graphics to display solidarity when posting messages;
  • Prewritten messages with tags to broaden the reach of each post; and
  • Important information to share with influencers and key stakeholders

More toolkits are in development. If you would like support in reaching our audience to share your involvement with the Endocrine Society, complete a Member Spotlight form or contact your committee or taskforce liaison. Engagement opportunities are published in our weekly e-newsletter, every Wednesday, as well.

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