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ENDO 2024 Draws More than 2,605 Scientific Abstracts

May 01, 2024

Abstracts cover basic, clinical, and translational research, and clinical trials, across 100 topical areas.

Image ENDO 2023 attendees view scientific posters.

By Endocrine Society Staff

ENDO has long been recognized as the premier global conference for endocrine professionals to gain cutting-edge knowledge and network with their peers. Our annual meetings also are widely regarded as a key venue for unveiling new research. 

ENDO 2024, taking place in Boston on June 1-4, will display more than 2,605 scientific abstracts, one of the largest number of posters we’ve had at our annual meeting. 

These abstracts cover basic, clinical, and translational research, along with clinical trials, across over 100 topical areas. ENDO 2024 also will display clinical case reports in 16 topical areas. View the complete list of 2024 Abstract Topical Areas.

Meet Researchers of Top-Ranked Abstracts

We couldn’t be more excited to present such an extensive breadth and depth of research. We also know our members share an enthusiasm for learning about new findings in our field. This can be seen in the large attendance for our special Oral Presentations and Rapid-Fire Presentations that feature top-ranking abstracts. 

We invite you to attend these sessions for a peek into what could be the next big breakthrough in endocrine practice and science. 

  • Oral Presentations: Authors of the highest-ranked abstracts at ENDO 2024 will give 10-minute presentations on their research, followed by 3-5-minute question and answer sessions. 
  • Rapid Fire Presentations: Authors of these high-scoring abstracts will give 2-to-5-minute presentations, allowing interested attendees to ask questions during meet-and-greet hours on the poster floor.
  • Traditional Poster Presentations: Poster presenters will be available to answer questions during meet-and-greet sessions on ENDOExpo’s expansive poster floor during the meeting: Saturday, June 1, 12:15–1:45 PM ET | Sunday, June 2, 12:00–1:30 PM ET | Monday, June 3, 12:00–1:30 PM ET. 

Times, locations, and more details of these events can be found on the ENDO 2024 program planner.

Diverse Range of Research 

Fostering research has always been a key mission of the Endocrine Society. Reflecting the diversity of our membership, the more than 2,600 abstracts we present at ENDO cover a vast array of endocrine topics, including dozens on the hot topics of obesity, lipids, and adrenal conditions. Abstracts covering the 100 topical areas are sorted into categories:

  • Basic Scientific Research: Including basic endocrine research into physiological or molecular biological research in cell cultures or animal models.
  • Translational Scientific Research: Including mechanistic endocrine research in humans, human tissues, tumor cells, or animal models that have a direct relationship to human physiology or disease.
  • Clinical Scientific Research: Including endocrine research investigating or concerning specific disease states (e.g., evaluation of diagnostic techniques and therapies).
  • Clinical Trial: Including research on data about safety or potential benefit of an endocrine intervention, such as a medication, device, teaching concept, training method, or behavioral change in human subjects.
  • Clinical Case Report: Including research on completely novel findings that provide meaningful new insight into the etiology and/or treatment of endocrine disorders. 

We look forward to digging into the science with you at ENDO 2024!

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