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October 2019

October 01, 2019

Here are some of the things you should be reading in this issue of Endocrine News.

Weighty Issues: The Latest in Obesity ScienceEndocrine News focuses on some of the latest obesity-related endocrine research presented at ENDO 2019. From the use of a CPAP machine and the impact of excess weight on migraine headaches to the causal effects of eating late in the day and weight gain, it’s clear that obesity is a risk factor for a variety of comorbidities.

A New Normal: The Quest for Age-Related Reference Ranges for Children—A lack of accurate reference standards can often prove challenging when it comes to treating pediatric patients. A coalition is seeking a federal effort to establish better pediatric reference intervals for medical tests that could make treating these patients less problematic.

In Living Color: Extending Your Practice’s Reach Via Telehealth—The advent of smartphones has enabled patients to make lengthy travel and languishing in waiting rooms a thing of the past as telehealth has become more and more common in endocrinology practices.

Biological Reality: Caring for Transgender Patients—While endocrinologists are fairly well versed in caring for transgender patients, primary care physicians need to better understand their roles and know when to seek the counsel and support of specialists.

And so much more.

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