The Endocrine Society periodically hosts Science Writers Conferences where journalists can learn about the latest trends and developments in hormone health. Recordings of past presentations are available for download.

2015 Science Writers Conference 

  • Journey Through the Endocrine System - Henry Anhalt, DO, and Cheretta Clerkley, MBA, CASE, CME (Hormone Health Network)
  • Complexities of Treating Diabetes in the Aging Population - Robert Lash, MD (University of Michigan Health System)
  • Quest for a Healthy Microbiome - Elena Barengolts, MD (University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago)
  • Are BPA-free Products Safe? - Deborah M. Kurrasch, PhD (University of Calgary)
  • Transgender Health and the Safety of Hormone Therapy - Joshua D. Safer, MD, FACP (Boston University School of Medicine)

2013 Science Writers Conference 

  • Beyond Dieting: New Weight Loss Medications and Treatments on the Horizon - Daniel Bessesen, MD (University of Colorado, Denver)
  • Emerging Advances in Diabetes Care - Robert Lash, MD (University of Michigan Health System)
  • The Truth about Thyroid Supplements: What You Read Online Can Hurt You - Stephanie Lee, PhD, MD (Boston University School of Medicine)
  • Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Endocrine Society’s Scientific Statement on Performance-Enhancing Drugs - Shalender Bhasin, MD (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  • How Losing Sleep Can Wreak Havoc on Hormones and Metabolism - Eve Van Cauter, PhD (University of Chicago)

2011 Science Writers Conference

  • Thyroid and Pregnancy: How do Thyroid Disorders and their Management Affect the Pregnant Woman and the Developing Fetus? - Susan Mandel, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Testosterone and the Aging Man: Does Male Menopause Exist and When Should “Low T” Be Treated? - Bradley Anawalt, MD (University of Washington)
  • Diabetes and Diet: How much Protein, Sugar and Carbohydrates? - James Rosenzweig, MD (Boston Medical Center)
  • Women’s Health Initiative Ten Year Anniversary: What Have We Learned about the Risks and Benefits of Hormone Therapy? - Richard Santen, MD (University of Virginia School of Medicine)