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AMA House of Delegates Representatives

May 27, 2021

Drs. Amanda Bell, Palak Choksi, Shivani Agarwal, and Barbara Onumah advocate on behalf of endocrinologists at the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates, along with Senior Advisors Drs. Daniel Spratt and Robert Vigersky. They introduce resolutions to the House of Delegates to build support for our priority issues, and advocate for or against other resolutions that will impact endocrinologists. Most recently, the delegates introduced a resolution on insulin pricing that was accepted as AMA policy and advocated against a resolution that would have called for a moratorium on all surgeries on infants with differences in sex development until the patient could take part in the decision-making process.

Amanda Bell, MD

Shivani Agarwal, MD

Barbara Onumah, MD

Palak Choksi, MD

Robert Vigersky, MD

Daniel Spratt, MD

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